BAADER Signs Partnership with RND Automation

BAADER Signs Partnership with RND Automation

The Indian poultry market is on the rise and along with this comes the need for processors to keep optimizing and professionalizing their plants. On 8 March 2023, BAADER signed a partnership agreement with RND Automation with the goal to enable customers to increase their production to up to 15.000 birds per hour while receiving great service to both machines from BAADER and RND Automation. Dr Norbert Engberg, Managing Director BAADER, Gero Heeschen, CSO BAADER Poultry Holding, Marcel Franz, Managing Director BAADER Asia, and Nikhil DuBois, Managing Director RND Automation signed the partnership agreement at the BAADER booth during the VIV Asia in Bangkok.

“BAADER offers advanced machinery with high processing capacities and yield. RND Automation on the other hand provides great solutions for lower speed lines, excellent service, and local know-how in processing”, says Dr Norbert Engberg, Managing Director BAADER. “We believe that we complement each other perfectly and look forward to this partnership.”

RND Automation Pvt. Limited provides poultry processing machines for processors all over India and beyond. Just like BAADER, they are a family-owned company based on the founder’s engineering expertise.

“The poultry processing market in India specifically but also all over Asia is shifting towards big processing plants. With BAADER on our side, we believe we have the right partner to help our customers upgrade their factories and shape this transformation”, says Nikhil DuBois, Managing Director RND Automation.

With this partnership, RND Automation is now able to sell BAADER poultry processing machines and equipment to the Indian market.


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