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The Corona lockdown and the subsequent economy crash have greatly disturbed the overall economy of our country. All kinds of production and business have come to a halt and the worst economic crisis has been witnessed world over.

Amid such difficult times the Indian government declared a revival package of INR 20 lakh crore for various sectors of our economy but what came as a jolt to the poultry sector was the omission of its name. From day one when the Corona pandemic reached India, the first casualty was the poultry industry because the rumors spread that consumption of poultry products could trigger the said pandemic still further, which by all means was a fake news but it had taken its toll. All poultry products were deliberately avoided by the consumers hence this industry was at its lowest ebb. The agriculture ministry came to rescue by declaring that poultry consumption is safe but it didn’t deter the strong spell of rumors on the consumer.

Poultry is an essential food commodity which provides high quality protein at the lowest price and that fights malnutrition and ensures good health in general. It is the fastest growing segment in the animal husbandry sector but in spite of all this, the betrayal was never understandable. Globally India is the 3rd largest egg and 4th largest broiler meat producer in the world.

Lakhs of people employed in poultry lost their jobs and even the most prominent poultry companies witnessed a windfall in their business. The poultry sector lost crores and this promising industry lay prostrate in submission mutilated by the sudden downfall. Though the poultry associations and the poultry bigwigs were in constant touch with the government but the abstinence of the government was not easy to digest. Now even the last hope for financial help from the government had vanished.

Indian poultry has a sizeable contribution to the GDP but things certainly went wrong somewhere. A hurried meeting of poultry industry has vowed to apprise the government of the critical condition of the Indian poultry and probably we may see some support from the government in near future.

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