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Today, India is one of the world’s leading producers of eggs and broiler meat. During the previous two decades, the poultry business in India has seen a significant structural and operational transition, evolving from a backyard activity to a big sector with a huge number of integrated operators. This transition has necessitated a significant investment in breeding, hatching, raising, and processing.

The fast rise in chicken production has been linked to technical advancements and an increase in the size of production units. More precisely, the evolution has resulted in a shift in emphasisb rom traditional small-scale production utilising dual-purpose indigenous breeds to intense commercial production systems employing hybrid birds expressly developed for either meat or egg production.

The introduction of better, exotic genetic material is a critical initial step in the commercial poultry sector’s growth and development. In general, the new strains are weaker and less resistant to endemic illnesses than native birds. The increased productive potential cannot be realised without the addition of specially prepared concentrate feeds as well as enhanced housing, administration, and veterinary care.

Nonetheless, the introduction of new genetic material serves as the foundation for further technological advancements.The poultry industry is a helpful and successful agriculture-based enterprise in the Indian market for a variety of reasons. The primary reason for this is that, unlike agriculture, chicken farming does not rely on rain, sunlight, or other weather-related elements. It might begin with a small flock of birds, and the number of birds can be raised as the business grows.

Poultry farming is a fantastic method to get started in agriculture in India because it doesn’t take up too much area. The birds perform a significant role in enhancing soil fertility, which is an important
aspect of agriculture. Poultry waste is helpful for organic agriculture and is in high demand on
the market, in addition to increasing soil fertility.

The contract system, which is effectively a partnership agreement between poultry firms and farms, has benefited both sides in general. It is a strategy that allows farmers to engage in chicken production while also allowing integrators to spend more resources on the processing and marketing aspects of the business.

Based on best practices, there are rules for broiler production in India to guarantee the quicker expansion of the poultry business. To guarantee that the state government and banks develop different products and strategies for the growth of the state’s poultry business. A level playing field for small farmers and giant corporations.

To ensure fair trading practices in accordance with the terms of the applicable laws. To defend the interests of unskilled or marginalised farmers. To guarantee that all claims and disputes are addressed in accordance with fair terms and circumstances.

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