Agrotop showcased a full line of innovative solutions for the poultry industry at VIV Asia 2019


 Agrotop showcased a full line of innovative solutions for the poultry industry at VIV Asia 2019, which  took place at Bitec on March 13–15, 2019 in Bangkok.


The company presented its full range of solutions for livestock construction projects at stand 3660 in Hall 99. Together with partner companies LIVEgg and Poultrix, Agrotop  also presented new cutting edge technologies including:

 Crystal Egg – The world’s first embryo monitor capable of directly identifying the embryo’s physiological signals and providing real-time information about the embryo’s well-being. The innovative solution, developed by LIVEgg, was launched for the first time in the Asian market.

 Poultrix management tool – Is an easy-to-use cloud-based technology enabling broiler and layer farmers to efficiently manage every aspect of their farms. The system, developed by Poultrix, provides integrated poultry companies with a remote, real-time monitoring system to ensure operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Agrotop has designed and erected partial and full vertical integration projects on several continents, achieving excellent growth and financial results. Agrotop’s clients the region include companies in Australia, New Zealand, India, Nepal, Japan, Vietnam, China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and the Philippines.

“Asia is developing fast into a highly sophisticated market, and we at Agrotop are proud to stand at the forefront of innovation, offering a full range of smart solutions that can improve efficiency and reduce costs,” said Gavriel Pelleg, Agrotop’s CMO and founding partner.

“Our clients in the region have already started implementing the new technologies in vertical integration projects that we have led and have expressed great satisfaction with the results.”


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