Zoetis engages on the “Continuum of Care” strategy to support the transition towards responsible use of antibiotics in India


What made Zoetis decide to voluntary withdraw the product despite no Indian regulatory order on the same?

Zoetis decision to voluntarily withdraw growth promotion indications from the labelling of medically important antibiotic products in the portfolio is standing good on our resolve to make medically important antibiotics products to be approved exclusively for therapeutic purposes. Our step is a part of our commitment to join with veterinarian and livestock farmer’s customers in helping to combat antimicrobial resistance. On the same front, we will work with national regulatory authorities in various countries, including India to engage on actions towards responsible use of antibiotics in respect with local regulatory interpretation and oversight.

Doesn’t using such drugs as Tylosin or Lincomycin in poultry contribute to drug resistance and pose a public health risk to people?

We are at a point, especially in developing countries like India, where producers will have to meet the increasing demand.With few alternatives today for treating life-threatening bacterial infections in animals, optimal use of antibiotics is essential to animal health and, in turn, to their welfare.When antibiotic products are used properly and responsibly according to their approved indications — and under the supervision of a veterinary professional — they can help protect animal and human health, assure the safety of the food supply and help reduce the risk of resistance.

At Zoetis, we recognise that animal and human health are interdependent and therefore support the responsible use of antibiotic medicines in animals and in people.  Zoetis advocates for taking a One Health approach to the responsible use of antibiotics across human and veterinary medicine.

 Is Zoetis doing anything to ensure that such products are more closely regulated?

Zoetis continues to engage with regulatory authorities around the world to implement appropriate regulations to support the responsible use of antibiotics. Our veterinarians and field representatives support our customers by sharing knowledge on responsible use of our antibiotic medicines and animal health and husbandry protocols that can help prevent common diseases. For an instance,Zoetis is engaging in a collaborative effort with a major food chain company to train poultry producers in India about the responsible use of antibiotics on farms.

With the decision coming, is there any reason behind the timing?

We believe now is the right time for Zoetis to voluntarily withdraw growth promotion indications from the labelling of medically important antibiotic products in our portfolio as we are engaging all stakeholders in this process, from regulatory bodies, to veterinarians and producers. Since this is about changing practices on the ground, it cannot happen overnight if you are not able to provide the technical support to help make that change.

With our Indian team, we believe that we are now in a good position to organize and support our customers through this transition as of June 2020 and therefore the decision.

How does Zoetis India plan to assist its customers during the withdrawal phase?

Like all medicines, antibiotics should chose the most appropriate antibiotic, and ensure the animal owner is correctly instructed on its use: the correct dose, correct route and correct length of treatment. With this understanding, Zoetis India is committed to actively consider the animal health needs of our customers, and will provide them with the knowledge, tools and solutions to make changes that may be needed.

With the products withdrawn, what are there other products that will ensure customer needs are duly met?

We have withdrawn the products but other competitor companies have similar products still available in the market.

Where do you see the future of animal heath evolving into, to meet the challenges of increasing demand and antimicrobial resistance?

Healthcare trends are moving towards early identification/prediction, a preventative/proactive approach and medicines used responsibly to treat.The future of animal health will depend on integrating many different solutions and technologies to help livestock farmers and veterinarians make early and accurate decisions, prevent and detect disease, and deliver targeted, effective treatment. At Zoetis, we are focused on bringing more integrated solutions to our customers across this continuum of care- Predict, Prevent, Detect and Treat.

The future can be gauged as increasingly our customers want solutions across the full continuum of care to help their animals return to health. Our innovations predict illness, prevent it, detect it and treat it effectively with the right medicine, at the right time, at the right dose, for the right duration of time. As an example, the recent adoption from key poultry integrators of more Biodevice and automation machines, aiming at preventing diseases at early stage in birds and allowing a more sustainable approach to biosecurity and health management provide a glimpse of future of animal health.

What is Zoetis India growth strategy and what are the expansion plans currently in place?

We will focus on our poultry biologicals & disinfectants’ portfolio to provide enhanced biosecurity to poultry farms. We will strengthen Bursaplex, immunocomplex vaccine for commercial broilers. We will expand our innovative solutions for hatcheries,EmbrexBiodevice .

Profile: Ketan Dhamanaskar, General Manager, Zoetis India Ltd.

Ketan is veteran with over 20 years of experience across the pharmaceutical industry with expertise in verticals like medical devices and animal health industry. Ketan has worked in various roles like brand management, business unit management, regional management and country management in India and abroad. At Zoetis, Ketan spearheaded the successful separation and stand-up of Pfizer’s animal health business to Zoetis India without business disruption and delivering year on year growth.

Before joining Zoetis India, Ketan was the Marketing Director at Renal BU, Baxter Inc responsible for Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) markets based in Zurich, Switzerland. At Novartis, Ketan successfully built up the Ophthalmic business in India and EEMEA. Novartis nominated him for the Harvard Program as a part of his development. In the past, he has worked with many multinational organizations such as Roche, Novartis, Baxter and Pfizer.

Ketan holds a bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Mumbai University and a master’s degree in marketing management from Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies. Ketan is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School, having completed a Senior Executive Leadership Program in 2018.

Company Profile: Zoetis

Zoetis is a global animal health company dedicated to supporting customers and their businesses in ever better ways. Building on 60 years of experience, company aims to deliver quality medicines and vaccines, complemented by diagnostics products and genetics tests and supported by a range of services. Company is working towards addressing the real-world challenges faced by those who raise and care for animals in ways they find truly relevant.

Zoetis is partnering with the customers to address their unmet needs with the most relevant innovations like genetics, diagnostics, digital tools and data analytics complemented with traditional medicines like parasiticides, vaccines and antibiotic treatments. The future of animal health will depend on integrating many different solutions and technologies to help livestock farmers and veterinarians make early and accurate decisions, prevent and detect disease, and deliver targeted, effective treatment. Zoetis, is focused on bringing more integrated solutions to our customers across this continuum of care.

Zoetis Inc is the world’s largest producer of medicine and vaccines for pets and livestock. The company was a subsidiary of Pfizer, the world’s largest drug maker, but with spinoff from Pfizer it is now a completely independent company. The company directly markets the products in approximately 45 countries, and sells the products in more than 100 countries. Company has 300 product lines catering to farm animals and companion animals. The product caters to the range of species like cattle, swine, poultry, sheep, fish, dogs, cats and horses. In India, the domestic sector is quickly adopting the new technologies that enhance the productivity, safety, and sustainability of poultry production. India is one of the world’s largest producer of eggs and broiler meat, and the market is expected to grow to INR 4 billion by 2024.

Zoetis has 28 manufacturing units across the globe, each facility designed to meet chemical and infectious agent safety regulatory requirements. Many R&D operations are co-located with manufacturing sites, a collaboration that allows bringing new products to market faster.


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