Vets In Poultry (VIP) National Poultry Symposium 2023

Vets In Poultry (VIP) Concluded “National Poultry Symposium 2023” at Hotel Taj Deccan, Hyderabad on 28th June 2023

The Vets In Poultry is thrilled to announce the successful completion of its highly anticipated symposium. The event, held on June 28, 2023 at Taj Deccan Hyderabad, brought together more than 650+ esteemed poultry professionals across India from various sectors such as Poultry Farmers, Veterinarians, Integrators, Feed Millers, Broiler & Breeder State Associations, Academicians, Scientists, Media Partners, Pharmaceutical Companies and other segments. Theme of event was “Exploring Poultry Paradigm – A Holistic Approach by Professionals”.

This event was one of its kind because, during it a greater number all time of poultry producers & key stake holders attended this event. The Vets In Poultry (VIP) would like to extend its deepest gratitude to all the stakeholders who contributed to the symposium’s success.

Dr. Santosh Ire formally welcomed all speakers, panellist and all participants.


Dr. Ajay Deshpande during his presidential address introduced Vets In Poultry to the audience and explained objective, vision and activities of Vets In Poultry to the audience.

Vets In Poultry

The symposium was formally inaugurated by Chief Guest Dr Ranjit Reddy, Honourable Member of Parliament, Chevalla Constituency in Telangana along with Dr. Ajit Ranade, Mr. B.S. Yadav, Mr. O.P. Singh, Dr. Devegowda, Dr. Ajay Deshpande and Dr. Santosh Ire.

National Poultry Symposium 2023 National Poultry Symposium 2023

Dr. G Ranjith Reddy during his speech shared his own journey in poultry farming and mentioned his views on current poultry challenges and opportunities in poultry farming in state of Telangana and India. He ensured complete support from for poultry farming.

National Poultry Symposium 2023

The symposium was moderated Prof. Dr. Ajit Ranade. During his opening remarks he explained theme of symposium to the audience.

National Poultry Symposium 2023

This symposium featured an impressive lineup of renowned speakers,
Mr Balram Singh Yadav,

National Poultry Symposium 2023 National Poultry Symposium 2023

Mr. K. G. Anand,

National Poultry Symposium 2023 National Poultry Symposium 2023

Mr. K. Kishore Kumar Hegade

National Poultry Symposium 2023 National Poultry Symposium 2023

Dr. Harsha Kumar Shetty

National Poultry Symposium 2023 National Poultry Symposium 2023

All these eminent speakers who captivated the audience with their thought-provoking, practical presentations and engaging discussions. These industry experts shared their expertise and practical problem, providing attendees with invaluable insights into probable solutions for these problems. Their contributions were pivotal in shaping a highly informative and enlightening event. Throughout the symposium, participants were treated to a diverse range of presentations covering various challenges, opportunities, practices and way forward for the industry fostering an environment conducive to collaborative learning and networking. Attendees were able to expand their knowledge, exchange ideas, and form valuable connections with fellow professionals. Dr Ajit Ranade summarised first session with few key take away from all speaker presentations.

In addition to the stimulating presentations, the symposium also featured interactive panel discussions. This session was moderated by Mr O. P. Singh and panellist for session were Dr Girish Kolwankar, Dr J S Reddy, Dr S B Barbuddhe, Dr T Ramesh Babu, Mr Abhay Tangade. This session allowed participants to discuss deeper into specific areas of interest, facilitating dynamic conversations and enabling the exploration of new possibilities. The engagement and active participation of attendees greatly enriched the symposium’s overall experience. Mr O.P.Singh summarised the event with his concluding remarks and paved way for future collaboration between industry, academics and Government of India for better future of poultry farming.

Mr. O. P. Singh

National Poultry Symposium 2023

Dr. Girish Kolwankar

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Dr. J. S. Reddy

24 20

Dr. S. B. Barbuddhe

23 21

Dr. T Ramesh Babu

25 22

Mr. Abhay Tangade





The success of the symposium would not have been possible without the support of our esteemed sponsors, media partners and various state level broiler, layer and breeder associations. Their dedication and commitment to support Vets In Poultry’s symposium played a pivotal role in making this event a resounding success. We are incredibly grateful for their unwavering support and contribution. All speakers, panellist, moderators, sponsors, media partners and associations were felicitated by Vets In Poultry.

The Vets In Poultry would like to extend its heartfelt appreciation to all the attendees who joined us for this extraordinary event. Your presence and enthusiasm created an inspiring atmosphere, stimulating meaningful discussions and forging new connections. We hope that the symposium has provided you with valuable insights and fresh perspectives that will propel you towards success in poultry farming.

Lastly, the Vets In Poultry would like to express its sincere gratitude to the Organising Committee, Regional Heads and Regional Committee who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the symposium’s smooth execution. Their dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail were instrumental in delivering an outstanding event.

As the symposium comes to a close, the Vets In Poultry looks forward to building on the momentum generated by this successful event.

Team Vets In Poultry remain committed to drive positive changes across Indian poultry Sector to improve farmers livelihood, ensure animal welfare and food safety and security for all

For more information about the symposium or future events, please visit connect us at

Note: VIP’s National Symposium video recording can be viewed on YouTube channel of Vets In Poultry

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