AAVPI participated in the recent Livestock and Poultry Show 2024

AAVPI participated in the recent Livestock and Poultry Show 2024 and Atmanirbhar Dhemaji 2024

The Association of Assam Vets in the Poultry Industry (AAVPI) is a newly established organisation consisting of veterinarians working in the poultry industry of Assam, as well as in other states of India. The primary objective behind the formation of this association is to share information and knowledge related to the development of the poultry sector, create an entrepreneurial spirit among veterinarians and other stakeholders, and provide workshops and training to educate farmers and aspiring veterinarians on various subjects related to poultry and allied sectors.

AAVPI members – Dr LN Saikia and Dr Sanjeev Khargoria representing AAVPI in Atmanirbhar Dhemaji -11 th to 13 th jan ,Dhemaji

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Furthermore, the association aims to collaborate closely with government agencies for the infrastructural development of the Assam poultry industry while carrying out public awareness programs to inform people about the benefits of poultry meat and eggs for good human health, among other things. By showcasing the above aim and objectives, AAVPI participated in the recent Livestock and Poultry Show 2024, organized by the Department of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary and Assam Livestock and Poultry Corporation.

The show proved to be a great success in terms of visitor footfall, interest shown by people, interaction, business deals, and more. Visitors who came to the AAVPI stall were a mix of veterinarians from both government departments and private companies, farmers who were already running poultry businesses, entrepreneurs looking to expand their portfolio in poultry, and people wanting to invest in the poultry business.

AAVPI members with Honourable Agriculture, Animal Husbandry &Veterinary Minister, Govt Of Assam Shri Atul Bora and Minister of Education,Govt of Assam Shri Ranoj Pegu  in Livestock and Poultry Show 2024

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The Executive members and other committee members who were present at the show attended to all queries and questions from these above-mentioned visitors. They helped visitors understand the mission of this association, which is dedicated to the benefits of the farmers and the upliftment of Assam’s poultry business sector.

It is worth highlighting that the Honourable Agriculture, Animal Husbandry &Veterinary Minister, Govt Of Assam Shri Atul Bora; Dean ,Faculty of Veterinary Science, C VSC, Kahanapara- Dr  Bibeka Nanda Saikia , and Minister of Education,Govt of Assam Shri Ranoj Pegu  visited the stall and admired the vision and initiatives of the association. The Honourable position holders promised the association to do many collaborative works in the near future toward the overall benefits of the poultry farmer’s community. The AAVPI is committed to its goal of supporting the poultry industry, and this event proved to be an excellent platform to showcase its mission and connect with stakeholders.

Following this event , AAVPI Executive members and members participated in ATMANIRBHAR Dhemaji ,11th to 13 th Jan which is a strategic platform to encourage start ups and entrepreneurial initiatives of farmers ,farm women,youth,producer groups ,SHGs and FPCs in agriculture and allied sector organised by Govt of Assam in Dhemaji .


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