MEYN’s LEAP concept appears to be THE answer for aspiring Asian poultry

The global COVID-19 pandemic has caused a tremendous adverse impact on human health and the economy worldwide. Consumers around the world are looking for more sources of protein than ever. Posing a great challenge to humanity. Even the poultry industry is not untouched. Poultry processors are looking for different ways to keep their business profitable amid COVID restrictions. Simultaneously,  striving to offer safe and hygienic chicken at affordable prices to the consumers.

Meyn, being a global leader and specialist in poultry processing, is eager to help and support aspiring poultry integrators, processors, and farmers around the world. With their 60+ years of experience within the industry, Meyn helps poultry processors around the world to achieve higher levels of hygiene, food safety, and profitability.

During their 60+ years of existence, Meyn has continuously reinvented the concept of poultry processing and keeps developing new solutions to safeguard the interest of poultry processors in terms of maximizing their output. Meyn firmly believes in the strategy “Think global, act local.” which allows the company to approach each market differently by setting up the local offices in various regions on the world map with a tailor-made approach. For example, in countries like China and Brazil, solutions for a high-speed line are more desirable due to the unavailability of skilled laborers whereas in growing markets like South Asia and Africa, where laborers are relatively available at a competitive price, processors may not need to invest in a fully automatic solution.

Meyn has been active in the Indian & South Asian market for more than 30 years and undisputedly emerged as the most reliable and trustable partner in the poultry processing business. A few years back Meyn realized that the small processors and farmers need handholding to shun the practice of wet market when looking for a viable solution. To cater to the same requirement, Meyn came up with the LEAP concept. This concept encourages to start a lower capacity processing plant with only a small investment, without compromising on the quality aspect. The plant will be equipped with modular Meyn solutions and can be expanded according to the market demand.

LEAP – Low investment, Expandable, (semi) Automatic Processing

Meyn recently launched its LEAP concept as an answer to the need for low-key start-up systems in India and South Asia.

LEAP allows poultry processors to professionalize poultry processing with a (semi) Automatic concept. At the inception, only minimal investment is needed by investing only in basic solutions required for a lower-capacity plant. However, it gives the liberty to the processor to expand the same plant gradually to a high line speed according to the market demand. The concept has already proven to be highly successful for several processors in Asia.

This viable LEAP solution becomes more special in the view of the COVID-19 pandemic which is applying aggressive pressure on the authorities to curb contentious wet markets as soon as possible. In the hindsight, the main theory of the beginning of the COVID-19 virus could be traced back to a wet market in Wuhan, China, that triggered a global discussion concerning the ban of wet markets. Since the close contact between humans and animals demands stricter bio-hazard measures to avoid any future pandemic.

Meyn considers itself more a consultant than mere a poultry processing machine supplier. The company is known to stand side by side with processors through thick & thin and help them in operating at their full potential. In this same endeavor, Meyn introduced LEAP concept. 

“LEAP is an unbelievable solution to help a small farmer or a new investor to commence the processing business at minimum investment thanks to the modular, expandable and high-tech solutions of Meyn” – Mukanjay Singh, Director at Meyn India.

Furthermore, we would like to thank and give due credit to Mr. Alok Raj, Principal Consultant of APTEC who originally pioneered this concept and fine-tuned it further to make it workable in the South Asian context when he was associated as an agent with Meyn. Going further, the same concept later was commercialized by Mr. Karel De Waal, Senior Area Sales Manager of Meyn, and named it LEAP.”

Meyn Service & Parts

The success of any state-of-the-art equipment depends highly on the way it is operated and maintained. To safeguard the optimal performance of processing equipment it is extremely important to install high-quality replacement parts in case of wear & tear.

Meyn supplies original Meyn OEM parts, which have passed the highest standards in design, production, and material quality. This is unique in terms of tolerance even in the high line speed it increases the longevity of the solution and keeps the maintenance cost minimum. Meyn invests a lot in research and development to find the best raw material to introduce high-quality spare parts to the customers for their high-tech solutions. It safeguards the optimal performance and keeps the breakdown to a bare minimum. As we know compromising on the quality of spares will give an increased risk of yield and financial losses.

Global support by local specialists

To support processors around the globe, Meyn has employed over 135 dedicated engineers who are present in over 20 countries, holds over 14 local offices across the globe, and has an extensive network of over 36 agents and distributors. Their local presence makes their service available at the shortest possible time even within COVID-related travel restrictions. It adds value by offering a  tailor-made service to the customer and the medium of communication remains the local language which helps in reducing the communication gap.


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