Lachance Group Salon Event in Bangkok

Lachance Group Salon Event in Bangkok on “Feed Efficiency Optimization and Liver Health Technical Forum

Lachance Group (Shandong Longchang Animal Health Products Co., Ltd., China) hosted the salon event “Feed Efficiency Optimization and Liver Health Technical Forum” on March 7, 2023, one day before the VIV Asia Exhibition at the Hotel Richmond in Bangkok. In addition to Thailand, delegates from the poultry, dairy, and aquaculture industries came from Turkey, Egypt, Kenya, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, China, and India.

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Ms. Bonnie Li, General Manager of Lachance Group’s International Department, welcomed all delegates and provided a brief overview of Lachance Group, the world’s largest bile acid manufacturing base. The bile acid product “RUNEON” is used to improve fat digestion and absorption while also preserving the liver. INTAS Pharmaceuticals Ltd. markets “RUNEON” for poultry in India.

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Professor Zhao Ruqian of China presented a lecture on “Liver Health and Homeostasis Regulation” at this technical meeting. Dr. Usama Taha of Egypt’s Dakahlia Group talked on “Farm Management and Slaughter Performance.” Thailand’s Professor Orapint Jintasataporn presented on the “Trend of Aquaculture in Thailand.”

Dr. Yumin Bao of Australia presented “Reduced Protein Diet and Bile Acid Application in Australian Broilers,” while Mr. Ricky Thaper presented “An Overview of the Indian Poultry Industry.” During the panel discussions, there was a lot of interaction between the speakers and the delegates.

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Mr. Yongcun Xu (popularly known as Fred) and other Lachance Group team members welcomed all delegates to this salon event, which was followed by a cultural and musical programme with drinks and dinner. All attendees enjoyed the Lachance Group Salon Event since it provided opportunities for networking and interaction with delegates from across the world.


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