Livestock, poultry, and fish play crucial roles as sources of protein in human nutrition. Meanwhile, the control and prevention of infectious animal diseases are paramount. One of the most effective methods for preventing various infectious diseases in animals is through the using of appropriate vaccines. Inactivated oil vaccines constitute a significant and integral part of the prevention system for infectious diseases in veterinary medicine. In large livestock, foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), Mycoplasma agalactiae, and Pasteurella are among the most important diseases where oil vaccines are widely employed in various countries for disease control. A critical component in the production of oil vaccines is the use of appropriate oil adjuvants, which constitute a significant portion of the final vaccine volume. The quality of the vaccine and the generation of an appropriate immune response within the required timeframe depend not only on the antigen but also on the type of adjuvant used. Therefore, the selection of appropriate adjuvant type plays a pivotal role in determining the final vaccine performance.

Poultry sources considered as a cheap and reliable protein source for human nutrition. Newcastle Disease (ND), Infectious Bronchitis (IB), Avian İnfluenza (AI), Infectious Bursal Diseases (IBD), Egg Drop Syndrome (EDS), Pasteurella, Inclusion Body Hepatitis (IBH), salmonellosis, coccidiosis are the most economically significant diseases in the poultry industry. Vaccination is considered the best and economical way of preventing all these diseases.

The fish farming industry has considerably grown in recent years due to high market demand for animal source proteins. Increasing human population leads to a continuous rise in demand for aquatic products. Industrial production is growing day by day to meet this demand. However, this growth also brings along the risk of spreading infectious disease outbreaks caused by intensive production. Therefore, vaccination has become more crucial in fish farming as well.  Various oil adjuvants are available in the market for preparing different types of oily, inactivated bacterial, viral, and parasitic vaccines in veterinary vaccines. Depending on the application W/O, W/O/W, O/W type vaccine emulsions can be formulated by proper vaccine preparation methods.

Coral Innovative Solutions is a biotechnology company that brings new dimensions to adjuvant development studies with innovative approaches. It has a manufacturing plant and R&D facility in Kocaeli/Turkey. Coral works in close collaboration with universities, research institutes, manufacturers, and industry shareholders providing innovative solutions for vaccine development. Working closely with universities and institutions increase its access to current research and academic knowledge, allowing to integrate the latest scientific findings into its new R&D projects. In this way, Coral ensures continuous improvement and innovation in the effectiveness and reliability of products being used in vaccines. Collaborations with manufacturers aims to support their success by providing customized solutions for their specific needs. Every vaccine manufacturer considered as a partner for Coral, and Coral works diligently to ensure that its solutions fully meet partners’ business goals and requirements. We take pride in Coral Biotechnology, where years of research and development efforts have enabled us to make significant strides in adjuvant production. Eventually, Coral successfully developed and introduced various oil adjuvants for veterinary applications (Table 1).

CORALVAC RZ 528 Poultry Inactive bacterial, viral,  parasite W/O 30/70
CORALVAC 252 Goat, Sheep Inactive bacterial W/O 50/50
CORALVAC RZ 506 Ruminant, poultry Inactive bacterial, viral, parasite W/O 40/60


CORALVAC AT 318 Ruminant FMD W/O/W 50/50
CORALVAC 640 Fish Inactive bacterial, viral, parasite W/O 40/60

Table 1. Coral Adjuvants for Veterinary Vaccine

Among these specific adjuvants, Coralvac RZ 528, has garnered significant interest from vaccine manufacturers especially for poultry vaccines.

Coralvac RZ 528 is a water-in-oil adjuvant used in the formulation of oily poultry vaccines, comprising 30-40% water phase and 60-70% oil phase. Scientific studies have demonstrated that vaccines produced with this adjuvant yield superior immunogenic results compared to similar adjuvants in the market. Industrial vaccines formulated with Coralvac RZ 528 have shown higher serum antibody titers against diseases such as Newcastle disease, bronchitis, EDS, avian influenza, and others, underscoring its superiority over competitors.

Based on laboratory tests and industrial production conducted by various vaccine manufacturer, vaccines formulated by using Coralvac RZ 528 exhibit minimal side effects at the injection site, excellent emulsion stability, and high efficacy and safety profiles in poultry vaccine production.

In a study conducted by one of important vaccine manufacturer, vaccines formulated using Coral adjuvants induced equally high antibody titers against ND, EDS-76, and IB viruses, as well as H5 and H9 avian influenza, in corresponding groups of vaccinated target animals. The humoral response remained at high levels for 180 days in all chicken groups vaccinated by using CORALVAC RZ 528 and CORALVAC RZ 506 adjuvants (table 2).

Coral adjuvants are highly recommended to produce viral, bacterial, and parasitic poultry oil vaccines, including those for Newcastle disease, bronchitis, influenza, reovirus, Gumboro disease, EDS, Pasteurella, IBH, salmonellosis, and Coccidiosis.

Adjuvant Antibody titers day after vacination in chicken
ND log2 HI H9 log2 HI H5 log2 HI EDS log2 HI IB in ELISA
28 180 28 180 28 180 28 180 28 180
Coralvac RZ506 10.9±0.3 8.4±0.6 9.6±0.1 7.8±0.1 8.8±0.3 6.8±0.3 8.4±0.4 6.3±0.4 2836±732 6047±1196
Coralvac RZ528 11.0±0.3 7.5±0.3 9.0±0.2 7.2±0.3 9.1±0.2 6.3±0.2 7.9±0.4 7.3±0.7 5179±1021 2836±732
Control 3.5±0.2 5.0±0.7 N/D N/D N/D N/D N/D N/D 1837±1149 1732±468

Table 2: Antigenisity in multiinactivated emulsion vaccine with Coralvac adjuvants in chicken.

As a conclusion, Coral Innovative Solutions is at the forefront of biotechnology, advancing adjuvant development with innovative approaches. Through collaboration with universities, research institutions, and industry shareholders, Coral stays abreast of industry developments. Continuously evolving product lines to meet industry needs, Coral’s dedication has led to significant milestones in adjuvant production. Proudly supporting a future where Coral solutions protect the health of livestock, poultry, and fish, aiming for a sustainable ecosystem in agriculture and aquaculture. Coral Biotechnology focuses on One Health and strive for a brighter future together.



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