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Pune-based Nutrient Bio-Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd. (NBPL) has formed a joint venture (JV) with Spain-based company Norel on 1st April 2019. The new venture Norel NBPL India Private Limited is registered at Pune. Mr. Karan Singh is the Managing Director & Mr. Juan Jose Mallo Revilla is the Chief Commercial Officer of NOREL S.A.

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NBPL founded in 2008, is a privately held, global supplier of animal feed additives leading in the segments of Antioxidants, Mycotoxin Binders, Organic Minerals, Health and Performance booster.

NOREL is a Spanish company whose business is to develop manufacture and marketing feed animal additives and raw materials to boost animal performance through nutrition and scientific innovation. With more than 35 years of experience and present in more than 70 countries around the world. Norel is a leader in poultry, ruminant, swine, pet and aquaculture segments with their range of specialized product. Madrid Spain headquartered Norel has several factories and R&D units in many provinces in Spain, Mexico, Egypt & USA. Norel has expanded its production facilities in Egypt and USA recently. In the future, Norel is also planning their production facilities in Asian subcontinents.

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The company designs products to ensure improved nutrient absorption and bring out the best performance with minimal resources.

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Norel, Spain and NBPL, India have been marketing partners previously since the last 3 years, but understanding the growth module of the animal health sector in terms of nutrition in India and neighbouring countries such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, a bigger picture and perspectives has been envisioned to cater to huge demands from the emerging markets. The concept of localised production module would cope with the demand and supply paradigm.

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NOREL already has an existing brand value in the Indian subcontinent, but with this JV, a larger scale and scope of business can be created and value added, along with immense expertise in research and development in nutrition based products. A complete range in nutrition in the animal health sector will help cater from the ground level.

The Company launch event was conducted at Karnal, Haryana on 22nd April 2019 and Coimbatore on 24th April 2019.

Prof. Gonzalo G. Mateos was invited as a subject matter expert speaker. Prof. Mateos is Professor of Animal Science at University of Madrid and works as a consultant for the Animal Feed Industry. Prof. Mateos made a presentation on “Nutritional and feeding strategies for broilers: New advances” and highlighted the importance of mineral nutrition to optimize immune response and fast growth performance and the serious threat to immuno suppression by Mycotoxins.

During the launch event, Mr. Juan Jose Mallo Revilla presented briefly on “Gut Health – the impacting paradigm of broiler poultry business”.

In an interaction with the press Mr. Juan Jose Mallo Revilla is the Chief Commercial Officer of NOREL S.A. presented the company’s history, vision, mission and future goals.

Could you please briefly outline the history of your company ?

Norel was founded in 1980, with the aim of delivering non medicated feed ingredients for animal nutrition. After two years as trading company Norel started production operations in Spain (Organic Trace Minerals and Spray dry fat concentrates); soon after that, Norel started the production of bypass fats, which is one of our biggest products, and where Norel is leader Worldwide. Still in the `80, Norel purchased Enco in México, first step outside Spain. Norel increased its portfolio merging with Nature, another Spanish origin company that had been founded in 1970; Nature provided the knowledge on production of butyrates, mold inhibitors, antioxidants and flavours amongst others. Afterwards, Norel started operations in Egypt, and continued expanding internationally because of how adequate the products Norel delivers is for today’s animal production.

What is your role in the company? Vision & mission of your company ?

I work as the Chief Commercial Officer in Norel and I lead the business development of the company. I work the commercial team, where we rely a lot on local people, either directly hired, or with distributors; the technical team, that develops products that fulfill the necessities of the market, the regulatory team, that registers them all around the globe and the marketing team, that positions them from the sales point of view.

Please describe your product range with specific reference to food safety & feed safety ?

Norel product range includes feed ingredients, mainly produced for ruminants (bypass fats), and additives, that work for all species, and that are key for the food chain, as they promote a healthier growth of the animal, and reduce the excretion of pollutants to the environment. Norel can produce technological products like mycotoxin binders, mold inhibitors, salmonella killers, antioxidants and pellet binders, that ensure that the feed reaches the animal in perfect conditions, reducing the possibility of the animal falling sick because feed poisoning. Besides, Norel produces Organic Trace Minerals, that delivers the most concentrated and available organic trace minerals to the market, improving they disponsibility (Disponsibility is capable of being placed or available) for the animal, and allowing the nutritionist to reduce the levels of these essential ingredients in the diet. Norel produces as well butyrate’s, the most effective organic acid for the animal in terms of productivity, as it works directly in the intestine, improving animal immune response, feed digestibility and control of possible pathogenic bacteria, it can be combined with essential oils or with medium chain fatty acids, which have synergistic effect with the first one. Norel produces flavours, and essential oils, that provide better acceptability to the diet at the same time as they can have a positive effect on animal health and performance. Last, Norel produces a range of products for ruminants that reduce the acidosis cases in high production cows.

What new products have you recently introduced or are you going to launch in the coming future ?

Norel has recently launched a range of encapsulated ingredients for ruminants, that again, help the animal to utilize better these ingredients, reducing the wastage, and improving animal performance and fertility.

Norel dedicates more than 6% of its turnover to R&D, and it is key for the success. We are continuously developing solutions that fit the market.

Which are the areas of the world representing the greatest potential for growth in livestock sector ?

It is quite clear that world population is growing at a very fast pace, and that we need to feed the world with dedicated, precise and high quality products that improve production while reduce wastage. US market is one of the fastest growing markets, as their population is very worried about those facts, but Asia Pacific, and India, especially is growing at an even faster pace, as populations are much bigger, and also have very good, dedicated professionals, that know how to provide what the customer needs.

What are the main advantages your products offer to your clients ?

Efficiency and precision: Our products have an extremely good quality, and work in the way we describe. We offer the maximum concentration of active principle available, with the best vehicle that will make it work where it needs to work.

What makes Norel different from its competitors in the market ?

Devotion: We know what we do is right, and we dedicate all our efforts to help our customers, and reach as many of them as possible, so that they can all get advantage of what we do.

If there were three things you would like to see being changed in the global feed and livestock industry, what would they be ?

Respect, we are feeding the globe, yet our industry is very critiqued for how we do things, and mainly because of ignorance. General public should be educated on how the food is produced and the love all producers dedicate to their animals.

I also believe there should be a real control of how antibiotics and medicines are used in the industry, as it affects directly human health. I do not mean that we should not medicate the animals, on the contrary, we need to treat them if they are sick, but very often we see problems caused by overuse of antibiotics when they were not necessary.

Reduction and recycle of wastage: Our industry is still not efficient enough, and there are many activities, economically viable (even profitable), that would help tremendously to reduce our wastage.

How do you compare the challenges and opportunities between developing markets like India to that of the developed markets ?

In a global market like the one we live in, there are challenges that affect all of us. It is a challenge to cope with the increasing demand of protein from animal origin, and it is an even more difficult challenge to be able to increase production in a sustainable way. There are opportunities in those very challenges for companies with the correct knowledge to contribute to the industry to do things in the right way.

Here in the India, just like in USA or Europe, antibiotics are under increasing criticism and feed additives can play a role in their replacement. What is your opinion on that ?

It is indeed because of this trend, and the fact that we must not abuse of antibiotics in animal production that Norel is successful round the globe. A production with limited use of medicines is possible, but needs the use of additives to help the animal perform as much as the genetics allows it.

In a freewheeling interview Mr. Karan Singh, Managing Director, Norel NBPL India Pvt. Ltd. shared his vision for the company. The interview is reproduced below:

How do you plan to service your clients in the Indian subcontinent market ?

We have a dedicated team of sales and technical personnel who travel across the region regularly and interact with customers and ensure delivery of appropriate inputs and products. We also plan to have several technical services, support for which will be provided by Norel’s expert team. We have channel partners forming our distribution network which will expand from time to time.

Which will be the main future challenges in your sector in the coming years ?

The main challenge will be, on one hand, to keep up with the increase of demand that we will see, and on the other, to continue improving animal production efficiency.

What is the secret behind Norel products becoming the leading choice of feed & food industry in India ?

Quality and reliability: We are committed to deliver products of a constant, excellent quality that improve the competitiveness of the user.

Where do you see Indian Poultry Industry after 10 years ?

The demand of poultry products is increasing in India. I expect the consumption per capita to increase in at least 50%. Besides, India being a producer itself of soya and corn, and with very good production indexes, India can start thinking about increasing exports of poultry products to other markets.

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What is the role of Nutrient Bio Agro Tech Pvt. Ltd. (NBPL) in Norel and how do you foresee this joint venture becoming a leader in Indian Livestock sector ?

Nutrient Bio Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. (NBPL) is Norel’s partner for the region and we bring market knowledge to position Norel here, we will share inputs about demand for an incredibly complex market like the Indian subcontinent’s poultry industry.

What is your take home message to consumers ?

Norel NBPL is very excited to be operating in India and bringing the best of our knowhow to this industry. We are here to help our customers and consumers at large grow in a sustainable, efficient and more profitable way.



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