Indian Herbs, the pioneer & global market leader and No.1company in Herbal Animal Health Care Products Industry since 1951, conducted a Technical Seminar at ‘Courtyard By Marriott Hotel, Raipur’ on its unique range of herbal poultry products on 18th April, 2019. This technical seminar is in series to  spread the awareness about herbal poultry feed supplements which are the best alternatives of synthetic products and are helpful to reduce the production cost of feed for better profitability.


Mr.Balaram Bhattacharya giving corporate presentation

The technical seminar was conducted in a highly professional manner by our marketing and technical team led by Mr.Balaram Bhattacharya, Exec. Vice President (Mktg. & Sales), Dr.Shivi Maini, DGM (Technical), Mr. Shailesh Rashinkar, Zonal Manager (West Zone)and Mr.Gyanchand Shukla (Area Manager) Raipur. The Seminar was attended by the important Poultry Farmers and Feed Millers. Dr.V. Ramasubba Reddy, Retd. Professor & Head, Hyderabad was the Chief Guest of the Seminar.


Dr.V. Ramasubba Reddy giving Technical Presentation

The Technical seminar commenced with the welcome address of Mr.Shailesh Rashinkar (Zonal Manager). He greeted all the guests.

Mr.Balaram Bhattacharya, Executive VP (Marketing & Sales) had given corporate presentation on Indian Herbs. Heinformed the participants about the activities being undertaken at R&D Centre of Indian Herbs for ensuring best quality and result oriented herbal poultry products and the various achievements of Indian Herbs during its long journey since 1951.

Dr.V.Ramasubba Reddy gave a detailed and comprehensive presentation on fundamentals of poultry management and practices. He apprised the participants about the quality of air and water management and other solutions for broiler and layer farming management which is essential to optimize production and maximizing returns on investment.  He elaborated the importance and benefits of alternate and natural feed additives in optimizing feed efficiency, nutrient utilization and for sustainable and profitable poultry farming.

Dr.Shivi Maini, DGM (Technical) in her address to audience emphasized about the benefits of supplementing Phytogenic Feed Supplements (PFS) for sustainable poultry production and improving farm profitability. She mentioned that in view of major food and feed safety concerns, Research & Development Centre of Indian Herbs has taken key initiatives to validate efficacy of ‘PFS’ following latest research techniques and in collaboration with renowned foreign universities. It is well proven in scientific trials that Indian Herbs Phytogenic Feed Supplements (PFS) such as BioCholine, Herbiotic FS, Herbal C, E-Sel Power, LivoLiv-DS, Animunin, MagaCal, ProLibid etc. are natural, safe, highly efficacious, environmental friendly solutions for sustainable and profitable poultry production.


Dr.Shivi Maini giving product presentation

The participants had taken keen interest in the presentation and they appreciated the efforts of Indian Herbs for undertaking in-depth research based on latest techniques of molecular biology, gene microarray and metagenomics.

Mr.Gyachand Shukla (Area Manager) thanked all the participants for their active participation in the seminar.


Audience in the seminar


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