Report on Comprehensive Refresher Programme (CRP) byAnimal Husbandry academy of india


CEAH-Bengaluru – Animal Husbandry Academy of India is setup under Government of India, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying, and Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying as a consortium of 5 organizations at Hessarghatta vide Order No. F.A-430011/3/2023-Estt(HQs), dated, 14th March, 2023. This Academy is formed as per the guidelines of DoPT for National Programme for Civil Service Capacity Building (NPCSCB) under “Mission Karmayogi” of Government of India.

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CEAH-Bengaluru is spread over 642 acres distributed in four campuses at Hessarghatta. Campus – 1 consists of Central Poultry Development Organization & Training Institute (CPDO&TI), Campus – 2 consists of Central Frozen Semen Production & Training Institute (CFSPTI) and Central Cattle Breeding Farm(CCBF), Campus – 3 consists of Animal Quarantine and Certification Services(AQCS) and Campus – 4 consists of Regional Fodder Station(RFS).

Report on Comprehensive Refresher Programme

CEAH Bengaluru has state of art automation units at poultry, Modern dairy sheds, ET lab, Sex-sorted semen lab, International Animal Quarantine facility, biggest fodder unit in the country with latest technology adoption for irrigation. The Academy consists of four campuses with conference halls, class rooms, officers and farmers hostels with boarding and lodging facilities.

Report on Comprehensive Refresher Programme

CEAH Bengaluru Academy organized a Comprehensive Refresher Programme for Young Veterinary Professionals (batch size 20) from 24th to 28th April, 2023. This course is planned with a 360 degree approach for knowledge enrichment and generic issues with the following outcomes expected to be covered:

Candidates were exposed to information on Govt. institutions of State and Central of Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying across the country. Latest innovations, govt. schemes of both state and central sector, soft skills for adoption in service delivery, successful business models, project report analysis, activity based learning including pre-training and post-training analysis. The young veterinary professionals will be motivated and trained in the modern challenges of Animal Husbandry Sector.

Report on Comprehensive Refresher Programme

On 24th April, 2023, Sri. G.N. Singh, Joint Secretary (Admin), Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying New Delhi inaugurated the programme online. In his inaugural address, he briefed the mandates of CEAH Bengaluru the consortium of 5 organisations to aspire to be best Animal Husbandry Academy in India with state of art infrastructure facilities and a robust revenue model. He appreciated the efforts of Director and team to conduct this programme within short period of time. He wished all the participants from 10 districts for a pleasant stay and a greater knowledge exchange during the programme.

All trainees were given a digital pre-training analysis through Google Forms by Sri. S.M. Anwar Basha with a pre-designed format to understand the training needs of officers in various subjects.

Report on Comprehensive Refresher Programme

Dr. Mahesh P.S. Joint Commissioner & Director of CEAH academy made a presentation on Prospects of Indian Animal Husbandry Sector which is estimated to be double the Automibile sector (7.5 lakh crores) contributing about 15 lakh crores to the Indian GDP. The Dairy sector is estimated to be about 8 to 10 lakh crores, poultry 2 lakh crores and rest three lakh crores is from small ruminants etc. Indian Animal Husbandry Sector is most promising with a sustained growth for rural economy, employment and nutritional security.

In the afternoon, trainees were taken to CEAH Campus-1 CPDO&TI to visit automation units in poultry, feed mill, hatchery and demo unit. They were all briefed by Dr. Sonali Nanda and Dr. Balraj about requirements of Automation, Fundamentals of Feed Mill and Hatchery at the field.

Report on Comprehensive Refresher Programme

Dr. Raghavendra Bhatta, Director, ICAR-NIANP made a elaborate presentation on structure of ICAR, Animal Sciences Institutions in ICAR being third largest group with being 19 in number. Preceded by Horticulture Institutions, 23 and Crop Sciences institutions at the top with 27 institutions under ICAR in India. Under Animal Science, there are two deemed Universities, 9 National Institutes, one Bureau, 5 National Research Centres, one Directorate and one Project Directorate involved in Research & Development on Animal Science in the country. Dr. Bhatta presented in detail about NIANP and technology developed at this centre with a lot of commercialization of the concept from NIANP.

On Tuesday, 25th April, 2023 Dr. Mahesh P.S. presented on Indian Animal Husbandry Schemes with a mandate of Govt. of India towards quality services at farmers doorsteps (mobile veterinary clinics), entrepreneurs development(NLM, AHIDF) eradication of animal diseases(ASCAD) and Livestock Development (Rashtriya Gokul Mission), Breed Multiplication Farms, National Programme on Dairy Development, Accelerated Breed Improvement Programme feed and fodder development, livestock insurance etc.

Report on Comprehensive Refresher Programme

Dr. Debalina Mitra, Assistant Commissioner, DAHD joined online from New Delhi and gave a demo for online application of the schemes namely, National Livestock Mission and Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund(AHIDF) through the portal namely ( and Dr. Sonali Nanda, Assistant Director made a presentation on activities of CPDO&TI including the future proposed activities at CPDO&TI. Dr P. Nallappa, Managing Director, Jagadish Poultry Farm, a successful entrepreneur in poultry made elaborate presentation on Economics of Broiler and Broiler Breeding Farms with unit cost and suggestions for adaptation to make poultry enterprise most profitable venture.

In the afternoon, trainees visited CEAH campus-2 to visit facilities of Central Frozen Semen Production and Training Institute(CFSPTI) and Central Cattle Breeding Farm(CCBF). They appreciated the facilities of Semen Lab, ET lab, cattle sheds, milk collection etc . Dr. Bhaskar, Deputy Commissioner, Dr. Atulya M., Asst. Commissioner and Dr. Abdul Salam, Livestock Officer explained the facilities. This was followed by presentations by Dr. Arun Prasad, Joint Commissioner. CFSPTI and Dr. Holabasappa Teggi, Joint Commissioner, Central Cattle Breeding Farm (CCBF) on activities of CFSPTI and CCBF respectively.

Report on Comprehensive Refresher Programme

On 26th April, 2023, Wednesday, Mr. Santosh, a sheep entrepreneur presented the success story with interesting facts of Nomadic Herds of Sheep across India with a very sustainable profitable sheep farming. He mentioned in his address that money saved is money made in sheep farming with greater control on inputs. The stall feeding of sheep farming has its own challenges that require higher cost, commitment and proper marketing strategy. Later this session was followed by Mr. V. Sudhindranath, Desi Cow farming entrepreneur of “Naati Hasu Goshala” with a brand name “Pashu Thai” for the products of the organization. He is maintaining more than 500 desi breeds with more than 10 breeds of desi origin. He has been very successful in producing various products under his venture namely, Panchagavya, Agnihastra, Balms, Phenyls, Health products etc., by adopting innovative interventions like chalf cutting, silage making, gobar gas production, multistoried cow sheds, solar adaptations etc. Dr. Mahesh P.S. guided the trainees on the topic of Communication and Presentation Skills.

In the afternoon, trainees visited CEAH Campus-4 to visit Regional Fodder Station, wherein they were exposed to fodder demo plots, fodder seeds display with a brand “Fodder Gold” followed by demonstration of Rhodes cultivation. The trainees were taken to Artificial irrigation pond which is recently developed at this centre with 100ft x 100ft x 12 ft depth holding more than 20 lakh liters of water for sprinkler irrigation. Dr. Aditya and Sri. Ashwathappa made presentations about fodder management for the trainees.

On 27th April, 2023, the session started at 9.00 am with Prof. Dr. Vivek Patil from KVAFSU, Bengaluru dealing on Animal Husbandry Projects and analysis. In his three hours deliberation, he demonstrated salient features of Dairy Project in detail including calculation of ratios and feasibility concerns. This session was followed by Dr. Gopakumar, CEO and Managing Director of DLG farms India (USA) on successful piggery enterprise in detail with ideal 3 way crossing, breeder model, franchise model, piglet fattening model etc to make piggery one of the most successful enterprise.

In the afternoon, Trainee officers visited CEAH Campus-3 Animal Quarantine Certification Services (AQCS). Dr. Tapan Kumar Sahu, Deputy Commissioner along with Dr. Nivedita, Quarantine Inspector made presentations about requirements of export / import of livestock products through AQCS Bengaluru and provisions of Livestock Importation Act. Later they were shown all the facilities of AQCS. In the evening for the first time CEAH Academy introduced “Activity Based Learning” which was conducted by Dr. Sridhar Murthy, President, NSB Academy Bengaluru along with their expert team. Trainee officers along with CEAH academy team participated with highest enthusiasm till 8.00 pm.

On the last day, 28th April, 2023, trainees visited “Naati Hasu Goshala” at Kakolu early in the morning 7.00 am to appreciate the activities at the Desi Cattle Farm. Later Dr. Jayaramaiah, Chief Veterinary Officer, State Animal Husbandry Training Centre, Hessarghatta presented on Department of Animal Husbandry Schemes of Govt. of Karnataka. This is followed by Dr. Vinod Bhat, Joint Commissioner, Govt. of India and Secretary Veterinary Council of India joined online for the presentation on Veterinary Council of India and issues of Veterinary profession. The last session was presented by Dr. Mahesh P.S. with a future vision of Animal Husbandry Sector and Vet as a successful entrepreneur. Mr. S.M. Anwar Basha issued trainees Post Training google forms to seek their feedback in both google forms and written feedback.

The CRP programme concluded with a Valedictory Function chaired by Dr. Mahesh P.S. Joint Commissioner & Director of Academy along with Divisional Heads. Each trainee officer were given with Kit consisting of (Executive Bag, CEAH memento, Certificate, Group Photograph and Card Drive(pen drive) consisting of all the presentations made during the five days. The trainee officers expressed their satisfaction and they rated the programme as Excellent in both “Google forms under post-training analysis and written feedback).

Dr. Mahesh P.S., acknowledged the tireless efforts of the entire Academy Team both the front end and back end consisting of logistics, hotel arrangements, outdoor team, etc for making this programme very successful. Govt. of Karnataka in principle agreed to depute one batch of 20 trainee officers every second week of the month starting from May, 2023 onwards for the future batches. The other states are also sought to write to us for their need for such Comprehensive Refresher Programmes for their young veterinary professionals at this CEAH Bengaluru-Animal Husbandry Academy of India.


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