Kemin Industries South Asia Celebrates ‘61 Since’ 61 – A Celebration of Partnership’

Kemin Industries South Asia Celebrates ‘61 Since’ 61 – A Celebration of Partnership’

On July 9th, the event was hosted at The Leela Palace in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Kemin commemorated its “61 Since ’61-Celebrating Partnership” milestone to recognise the importance of relationships with its major stakeholders in South Asia. It was a vital event one can experience. This was majorly invited to highlight many of the people, innovations, communities, discoveries, initiatives and milestones behind our story—61 years in the making. Moreover, by Advancing research, extending across six continents, and fostering a global community—Kemin has accomplished a lot in just over six decades.

Kemin created the subject ‘Celebrating Partnership’ to recognise the essence of partnerships, innovations, and community care that they have been implementing with their partners throughout the world for the past 61 years. Kemin strives to improve the quality of life for 80 percent of the world every day through our products and services.

The event was attended by prestigious clients, distributors, and media representatives from Kemin’s business groups. Kemin asked the top two business experts, R Gopalakrishnan and Suresh Mahalingam, who had worked in prominent roles in the TATA group, which is the most regarded corporation in the Indian subcontinent for upholding corporate principles and commercial collaboration, as keynote speakers. Furthermore, Kemin collaborated with a group of design thinking enthusiasts who led a workshop in which participants worked with the Kemin team to create the Partnership Wall in a unique storytelling pattern. The participants were separated into teams and given individual pieces of jigsaw boards to colour with their imaginations. At the end of the session, the pieces were put together to form the Wall of Partnership. As a result, the workshop provided opportunity for attendees to create a unified experience, highlight the significance of collaboration, and connect with event participants.

The evening began with a Kemin ‘formulated’ special drink called Shirly ’61, which was tossed with all event guests. The evening was also blessed by a number of themed performers and musicians. With a mix of hip hop, flamenco, Chinese lion, Irish folk, Bharatnatyam fusion, and Brazilian carnival genres, they exemplified Kemin’s inventiveness, worldwide footprints, and teamwork. The acts and celebration delighted the audience.

To recognise the importance of the media in the livestock and food industries, Kemin invited top media representatives from the livestock and food industries, and a press conference was organised with the panel consisting of Chris Nelson (President & CEO, Kemin Industries Inc. USA); Ramesh GS (Group President Animal Nutrition & Health); R Sureshkumar (President Kemin Industries-South Asia); C Sugumar (Commercial Director-AquasciencesTM); Michelle Lim (President,
Kemin Food Technologies). Tanweer Alam (Director-Marketing) moderated this session, which had around 20 questions.

Kemin took this opportunity to express gratitude to all of its customers and business partners for the mutual trust and confidence bestowed upon the organisation over the past 61 years, and it is confident that this will continue to strengthen a strong foundation of trust with the partners in the coming decades. And again, looking for more ecologically friendly ways to get our goods, and we’re looking for ways to boost our usage of renewable energy sources.


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