Venworld has conducted two technical seminars in Namakkal and Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, on 22nd& 23rd November 2021.

Dr.Prakash Reddy, DGM, Technical Services
Dr.Prakash Reddy, DGM, Technical Services

Dr.Prakash Reddy, DGM, Technical Services,Ventri Biologicals, presented on the ‘Risk analysis and critical control points over IBH and Mycoplasma’. He has spoken elaborately on the evolution and emergence of new serotypes of Fowl adenovirus in India and how critical to match the serotypes by vaccination in controlling the disease. He told Ventri’s updated IBH/HPS inactivated vaccine will give complete protection against the circulating Fowl Adenovirus serotypes in India and recommended vaccination in breeders and day old vaccination in commercial broilers for best IBH control.

He has also presented on the control measures of mycoplasmosis in breeders by drug program and VHMGK vaccination. He showed the trial results for the effectiveness of VHMGK (inactivated vaccine) against Mycoplasma gallisepticum. It was clear that performances vaccinated flocks were better than unvaccinated, only on drugs, flocks.

Mr.M.R.I. Magdum, GM, Venkateshwara Hatcheries Pvt.Ltd, has also joined the meeting and emphasized on the biosecurity of the poultry farms.

Mr.M.R.I.Magdum, GM, VH Pvt.Ltd.
Mr.M.R.I.Magdum, GM, VH Pvt.Ltd.Mr.M.R.I.Magdum, GM, VH Pvt.Ltd.

Broiler breeder customers, consultants and VHL technical persons attended the seminar and appreciated the information. Dr.Baburaj, DGM, Marketing, Venworld, welcomed the customers. Dr.Vijayanand, Zonal Manager, Mr.Chinnaraj, Zonal Manager, Dr.Kandasamy, AGM, Techical and other team members participated in the meeting.  The meeting was followed by cocktail dinner and discussions.

Dr.N.Baburaj, DGM, Marketing
Dr.N.Baburaj, DGM, Marketing



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