I P Marketing Services ban China products

Dr Onkar Pawaskar and Dr Mangesh Sagar

I P Marketing Services, a partnership firm and production hand of Volschendorf has always been a trusted name for its customers in Indian poultry industry.

With the current ongoing crisis with the China, we at I P Marketing Services has decided to stand strong with our country and try to do the best at our level as Indian citizens.

In a move towards the anti China products we assure all our associate customers and industry mates that we have BANNED CHINA RAW MATERIALS and stopped using them in our finished goods and strict measures have been taken to follow it. The purchase and production department has also been informed to check the manufacturing country before buying any raw material.

We now proudly announce that we are with our Indian government in its mission “MAKE IN INDIA” and also extend our gratitude toward our country by further extending the mission “PURELY MADE IN INDIA”.

I P Marketing Services is engaged into the business of manufacture and marketing of poultry feed additives and supplements for Indian poultry industry and also for supply to certain Asian and European countries.

I P Marketing Services has involved in identifying quality conscious, genuine and reliable raw material suppliers. Initially started with only one product, the company has now more than 30 products in its portfolio.  The company is now a proud manufacturer of many poultry feed additives and supplements like cocktail enzymes, toxin binders, pellet binders emulsifiers etc.

I P Marketing Services has also received ISO 22000:2005, ISO 9001:2015 and  FAMIqs certifications. FAMIqs has made IPMS a more reliable and quality partner for many industry mates and also to many others who wants to get associated nationally. I P marketing Services is now one of the most trustworthy suppliers of poultry feed additives and supplements nationally and globally.

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