Alltech launches 5th annual art contest calendar and unveils mycotoxin survey documentary and Raptor mobile app in Poultry India 2019


The Alltech stall at Poultry India 2019 became a stage for announcements with the launch of the Alltech Art Contest calendar. Dr. Mark Lyons, Alltech President and CEO, and Dr. Aman Sayed, India Managing Director and South Asia regional Director, unveiled the calendar alongside chief guest, Mr. Dhiraj Chaudhary, managing director of Hitech Nutrition.

This is the fifth year of the Alltech Art Contest, aimed at children aged 5–16 years. This year, Alltech India received 800 submissions from across the country, which beautifully displayed the imagination of India’s youth. All participants were awarded a participatory certificate and gift, and the 39 finalists were rewarded with a cash prize along with gifts.

5th Annual Art Contest 2019 Winners:

Age First Second Third
5 Vinisha   Kavya Viral Patel Aadhya
6 Parinitha R  S. Vidhush  SougataMaity
7 Tanishk Yadav S. Hasini Thadi Livia Sri
8 Mary Jenishka J  Aliya Bansal Smrithi D. Rai
9 Shreyas Sanjay Nikam  Srinjan Mukherjee S D Aaradhya
10 S. Shrivika Devika Ankit Kumar
11 Mahip Singh Saini Anvith H D. Nivas Reddy
12 Nirali Yadav Ananya CH Subhakanta Das
13 Aniket Pramanik Yatri Patel Loveditya Jain
14 Q Aamira Rahman Debasmita Kar Tushar Banik
15 Dhanush D S Karanvir Singh Bhatti S Dharsha
16 Jalpan P. Dave Mansimrat Kaur Prastish Fatima
Jury selections Soham Chandrakant Devkar Onkar Sudhakar Pawar Amrut Dattatray Mahamuni 

The theme of this year’s competition was “A Planet of Plenty™” — the new Alltech vision inviting collaboration across industries and geographies for new technologies and practices that will improve the well-being of our world and all of its inhabitants.

The second day of Poultry India marked another important event, with the launch of the fresh harvest maize and soya mycotoxin survey results and documentary. Dr. Lyons raised the curtain on the survey documentary and celebrated the moment with champagne and cake.

Alltech India surveyed maize and soya to better understand the ground reality for the high price of raw materials. Concentrating on the major maize growing states like Karnataka, Maharashtra and Telangana, along with Madhya Pradesh for soybean, the team reached out to farms and markets to understand the issues and collect samples. These samples were then tested for quality at the Alltech 37+® mineral analysis laboratory in Dunboyne, Ireland.

Fall armyworm and excess rain were observed as major factors in crop loss, resulting in a supply crisis and increased prices. Dr. Manish Chaurasia, South Asia poultry marketing manager, explained the objectives of taking up the survey, while Ms. Raksha P R, marketing executive, described the groundwork done for the survey. Dr. Lokesh Gupta, South Asia poultry technical manager, then broke down the results of the 37+ testing, stating that, average of number of mycotoxins found in collected sample was five.

Following the ceremony, Dr. Nick Adams, Alltech® Mycotoxin Management team, global director, launched Raptor, a mobile application for analysing mycotoxin results.

Other highlights from the Alltech stall were the mezzanine space for live instrument demonstration, the magic mirror selfie booth and happy hours with mocktails to educate and entertain customers.


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