APPF requests Indian Govt to support poultry in crisis

India is world’s 3rd largest egg producing and 6th largest meat producing country. With an egg laying bird population of about 5 crores, Andhra Pradesh is India’s 2nd largest egg producing state, and with a capacity of about 4 crore broilers, 4th largest poultry meat producing state in the country. In our state about two lakh persons are directly dependent on poultry sector, and another one lakh person are dependent in related sectors like transport etc, Poultry sectors is also helping agriculture farmers, rice millers consuming coarse cereal grains, oil seed cakes, rice milling by products etc. Both layer and broiler sectors are presently going through an unprecedented crisis due to unimaginable increase in the price of all feed ingredients. Example of price increase two ingredients is given below. Though A.P. is a predominantly agriculture based state, we are presently importing these ingredients from other states, due to acute shortage in our own state.

Maize Prices, Rs. per Ton

Month             2017                2018              2019
June.               15, 500          14,000         22,000
July.                 16,000          14,500         23,000
August            16,500         15,500          25,000


De-oiled Rice Bran  Prices, Rs. per Ton

Month             2017                2018              2019
June               11,700             10,550          17,800
July                 11,900            10,550          18,200
August           12,200            12,500           20,000


Cost per Kg Feed, Rs. per Kg:

                        2017               2018                  2019
August             16.75             15.50                  24.75


Despite this abnormal increase in the feed prices, which contribute about 70% of the cost of production, prices of eggs and meat birds remind at the same levels as last year, creating a crisis in poultry farming sector. Poultry Farmers cannot survive this unprecedented crisis without the support of State and Central Governments.

Areas where Central Govt Support is needed:

  1. Maize shortage: To overcome the shortage of maize, we request the Govt. to allow duty-free import of maize, liberally and promptly. In the meanwhile we request the GOI to allocate wheat and rice from FCI at subsidized prices.
  2. Interest Subvention: GOI has incorporated a 2% interest subvention for poultry farmers, but has restricted it to KCC loans. In this hour of need, we request that interest subvention be given to all poultry farms.

3.Poultry compost as organic manure: Poultry litter, with latest composting techniques can be converted into high value organic manure. Government support in the form Market Development Assistance, similar to that of city compost can help in reducing the pollution in poultry and fish farming (poultry manure is used in fish ponds for plankton growth) and also help in reducing the import bill of chemical fertilizers. Government’s vision of Organic farming can also be made a reality.

  1. Cage Ban issue: A case, filed by motivated animal welfare groups is pending in Delhi High Court, requesting the ban of cage housing of egg-laying birds. Egg producing farms can’t be managed without cages in the present circumstances, as the cost production will be at least twice the present cost, without cages. So, Central Govt. should support continuation of cages.
  2. Cultivation of Genetically Modified Crops: Present yield per acre of crops like maize and soybeans in India is less than half of that in countries like US, China, Brazil etc. The reason is these countries are cultivating genetically modified crops, unlike India. If Indian Govt. permits cultivation of genetically modified crops, India can stop importing grains like maize, and vegetable oil crops, thus saving huge foreign exchange.


POULTRY PUNCH incorporated in 1984 and we are in poultry media since last 36 years and publish Poultry punch – English Monthly Magazine. Mr Balwant Singh Rana prior to laying the foundation of Poultry Punch magazine was still involved with renowned Indian poultry companies and It was there that he had the vision of doing something exceptional for the Indian poultry industry and then he stepped into the poultry media.

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