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Q1. Why did you start your company with thrust on immune system, there were other choices as well?

Way back in early 90’s, when I was creating on mycoplasma control, I came across a number of other factors which were creating problem of immune-suppression. Later in 1996 during a conference in Nepal, a very effective paper was delivered on how nutrition can effectively control pathological disorders. I was greatly influenced by the lecture and started working on finding effective protein molecules which can provide immune-therapy and finally a protein mix was identified which could provide overall productivity and protection through immunomodulation. The same was put on trial and results were extraordinarily favourable. I also came to know that during severe problem of Newcastle Disease outbreak, mortality was 1.84%, whereas after administering the newly developed product the mortality dropped to 0.56%. Moreover production came back to peak level within 12-14 days which were evidently the best results one can get.

Finally, I discussed the outcome with various eminent doctors who encouraged to go head with launching the product in the market. From 1999 to 2000 further trials were conducted which increased our confidence in the concept that “yes diseases outbreak can be controlled with proper nutrition”

Q2. What is your present distribution network and business volume in India?

At present we are operating in the whole country and many big corporate houses are our esteemed clients. We are having our own distributor network and field force in India to liaison with our valuable clients. We have very strong delivery systems and in emergency when there is viral outbreak, we make it a point that our product must reach to end user well in time, before the disease spreads to their entire flocks.

Q3. Do you export your products?

Yes, we have been exporting out products for many years, especially in SAARC region. We have a strong foothold especially in Nepal. Also our mission, in the near future is to expand our presence globally and we are in process of taking active step in the same direction.

Q4. Explain about your R&D ste up and are there any new products in the channel?

We first and foremost formulate a product keeping in mind the problems faced by the farmer during viral and bacterial outbreak. We have a well equipped R&D setup for developing new products which are of world class standard and quality. At present we have many products under development or trial phase and the same will be introduced in market in due course of time. Our recently launched product “READYMUNE” has been produces keeping in mind the tough market challenges of ‘High Productivity Stress’ with the introduction of mew breeds in poultry. In todays challenging times, diseases are re-emerging in new forms and we are undertaking continuous R & D to develop new and even better products to check the outbreaks. We have been also working towards giving better productivity and reducing disease load in aquaculture and have also introduced two products “AQUAAMUNE” and “AQUAAGROW” for the same.

Q5. Please explain your product profile?

Our products are immunomodulators, growth promoters and immune-therapy products. It’s end result are well evaluated before they are provide to the and integrators for application to the birds. The results are assured to the farmer whether it is viral or bacterial outbreaks or productivity has been hampered. In our opinion, it is an outdate concept that is summers F.C.R. eill be poor amongst the birds, mortality would be high, and production drops during peak summers and winters. Through application of our range of products, the performance and production standards of breed is assured. At present we have eight tried and tested products in the market to assure high standards of productivity and least disease outbreak risk for poultry. These are: Protoface Intermune, Multimune Protomune, Readymune Calface, Nutrigrow, Growfast P

Q6. How do you combat your competitors?

We don’t believe that in today’s market there are any direct competitors. Every company is having there own unique set of claims for their products, but we give a guarantee that our products perform for overall Productivity, Protection and Profits. This has been proved through experience of our valuable farmers who have been using our products, since the formation of our company.

Q7. Explain about the ISO certifications of your company/product?

We have number of certifications to our company ISO-9001-2015, WHO GMP, HACCP, ISO 2200-2005 (FSMS) and our production unit is strictly adhering to norms as prescribed by them.

Q8. Just convince me that if I need a immunomodulator, why should I go for your products?

Because the claims we make are backed up by on-field results which the farmers and large integrators are getting for past two decades. Its verifiable, quantifiable and finally its what we deliver our state holder get much better returns on their flocks be it broiler, layer or breeder.

Q9. Tell me about the pricing of your product in comparison to your competitors?

By using products the farmer gets almost Rs 10-35 extra in broiler with a investment of Rs 3.25 per bird, Rs 70-125 extra in layer, with an investment Rs 27-30 and Rs 200-450 extra in breeder, with an investment of Rs 35-40. This provides complete satisfaction to farmers who believe in quality production and good returns. Looking at these figures I can say that our products are competitively priced and the same has never been a subject of hindrance for farmers and intergrators in using our products, once the results are evaluated.

Q10. Do you have any CSR activity?

Yes our company has always been actively undertaking CSR initiatives for many years now. We have been sponsoring complete school education of children of people with limited means and ward of all our employees

Q11. Do you comply with GMP and HACCP guidelines, explain?

Yes, we thoroughly comply with GMP and HACCP guidelines to assure quality products to our clients.

Where as in layers the immunomodulation costs arround 8 paise per egg whereas return varies from Rs 125-175 per bird in terms of feed saved, mortality controlled and extra egg gained (almost 10-30 Egg) extra then the average of farmers getting in India ((Based on 315-319H) In breeders the cost is Rs 35/- per bird in 68 weeks but the return varies between 250-400 in terms of feed saved in life, extra H/H taken, extra H/E taken and Hatchability. You get 7-10 chicks extra with a saving of 3-5 Kg feed with least depletion

Q12. You also have products for Aquaculture, can you elaborate?

We introduced our two products Aquaamune and Aquaagrow. Aquaamune is for shrimps & fish and provides protection against rapid viral outbreak. Our other product “Aquaagrow” provides full protection to crop and increases the quality and productivity of the crop. We got some tremendously promising results with these products. No viral outbreak was observed in the crops where shrimps were kept on our products. There was less than 15% depletion with FCR as low 1.24 Kg, total uniformity, and no loose shell in crops from 110count/kg on 45th day to 38 count/kg on 105th day.

Q13. Briefly explain the impact of your product on layer and broiler parents, commercial layer and broiler and Day old Chicks?

The recently introduces high productivity breeds are always under stress whether it broiler, layer or breeders. In broiler there is always a target to improve FCR with overall muscle increase. They are under stress from day old till marketed. Their mortality or any disease outbreak creates impact on overall performance which gives direct loss to farmers. But a perfect immunomodulation saves them from this risk and improves profitability. In boilers we assure FCR up to 1.35 Kg to 1.40 Kg with lowest possible mortality and high percentage of muscles which results in 5-10% extra meat yield.

In layer birds have to reach H/H production of 330+ in 72 weeks where as they have constant threat of disease. With high productivity breeds being introduced, there is an increase in the risk to a great extent and this is going to result in stress throughout the life of the bird. This in turn creates immune suppression effecting total productivity at all the stages. Whether its chicks, growers, pullers or layers, there are diseases like Gout, ND, IBD, IBH, ILT, CIAV and many more attacking them throughout their life. Immunomodulation protects birds at all the stages of life and provides optimum productivity with extra return of investments. In layers, administering our products as per schedule cost around 8 paise per egg whereas return varies from Rs 125-175 per bird in terms of feed saved, mortality controlled and extra egg gained (almost 10-30 eggs extra).

In breeders the cost is Rs 35/- per bird in 68 weeks, but the return varies between Rs. 250-400 in terms of feed saved in life, extra H/H taken, extra H/E taken and hatchability. One gets 7-10 chicks extra with a saving of 3-5 Kg feed with least depletion. Be it pureline, grandparent or parent, the farmer gets least rejection on grading and depending on the breed one can earn Rs 1,000 to Rs. 10,000 extra per grandparent as you get 25-30% less rejection because of regular immunomodulation. There also will be 15-20% extra availability of pureline birds. Parent give almost no trouble throughout their life and inturn produce quality chicks. The uniformity of these chicks gives extra edge to the hatchery in terms of their reputation in the market. Hatchery gets more hatchability and ’A’ grade chicks. In short immunomodulation always pays you at all stage of life which is proven for millions of birds and hundreds of farmers.


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