DSM becomes inaugural Value Chain Partner to the International Egg Commission (IEC)

12 September 2019

• DSM is the first to join the new International Egg Commission (IEC) partner program, as the sole IEC Value Chain Partner for Feed Additives and Sustainability
• Sustainable egg production is crucial in providing the planet’s growing population with an
affordable, safe and accessible form of nutrition – now and in the future
• The three-year partnership agreement will support sustainable egg production and help drive positive developments in the egg industry

DSM has become the first Value Chain Partner to the International Egg Commission (IEC), the international trade association representing the producers of eggs and egg products worldwide. The IEC was founded with the goal of fostering international co-operation among all sectors of the egg industry to their mutual benefit.

Designed to promote sustainable production and drive positive developments in the egg industry, the new Value Chain Partnerships will see the IEC form close strategic relationships with global organisations to deliver on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals across the global egg value chain. DSM is the inaugural company to partner with the IEC on this basis and has been confirmed as exclusive IEC Value Chain Partner for Feed Additives and Sustainability.

The partnership will see the two organisations work together to tackle four key areas of joint interest: environmental sustainability of feed nutrition; human nutrition and poverty alleviation; anti- microbial resistance (AMR); and animal welfare.

Dr. David Nickell, Vice President Sustainability, Animal Nutrition and Health DSM, said: “Sustainability is a core value of DSM, it’s both a responsibility and a business driver expressed in our “Purpose led, Performance driven” strategy. With the growing demand for animal protein and the increasing scrutiny on the sustainability of the industry, DSM is well placed to support more sustainable animal production through innovative nutritional solutions and technologies. Teaming up with the IEC makes perfect sense in helping with the sustainable development of the global egg industry”.

Tim Lambert, IEC Chairman added: “We are committed to help deliver on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. As an IEC Value Chain Partner, DSM has many shared values to help support the development of the egg industry”.

Predictions from the World Resources Institute indicate that world demand for animal based food will swell by nearly 70% in 2050 compared to today, placing a strain on the planet’s finite natural resources and the environment. Eggs are recognised as having a low environmental footprint compared to other animal protein and offer an affordable, safe and accessible form of nutrition for populations worldwide. As one of the leading producers of micro-nutrition for poultry, DSM’s partnership with the IEC is one of its many commitments to help strengthen the central role of eggs in providing sustainable nutrition for all.

Dr. Fernando Cisneros, Global Senior Director Layers and Carotenoids, Animal Nutrition and Health DSM commented: “We believe in the importance of eggs as a valuable component of balanced, healthy nutrition for many across the world. The egg industry has been tremendously successful in meeting the growing demand for eggs as an affordable, accessible, sustainable source of protein. With our depth of knowledge and broad portfolio of products, solutions and services combined with the expertise of the IEC and its members, we can create further inroads into sustainable egg production together”.

DSM has been a member of the IEC since 2011. It is already involved with the IEC’s Global Initiative for Sustainable Eggs (GISE), which aims to champion continuous improvements in sustainability across the egg value chain. Areas of collaboration include: sustainable feed supply; the introduction of alternative raw feed materials & feed efficiency; reducing direct and indirect GHG emissions and reducing nitrogen and phosphorous flows to the environment.

Both DSM and the IEC are also actively involved in promoting the nutritional benefits of eggs and improving access to this key source of protein, particularly for populations that lack sufficient animal protein in their diet and suffer from nutrient deficiencies. DSM partners with the humanitarian nutrition think tank Sight and Life in order to bring more affordable and aspirational nutrition to millions of the world’s most vulnerable children.



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