Alivira successfully conducts product training on new launches at Bangladesh in association with Business partner Catapol Bioscience Limited, Dhaka

Dhaka Bangladesh :

Alivira Animal Health Limited is India’s one of largest pure play and first global animal health company offering APls and formulations. We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in five countries including India’s only USFDA approved API facility, marketing presence in more than 100 countries and employing 1000 plus people. The API business is characterised by long established relationships with Global Top 10 Animal Health companies. Our commitment is to improve animal’s life and well- being at every stage of their life.

Product Launch of SEQU-VIT®, VIPRAL®-ET and Chick-ProTM was conducted in highly professional manner by Senior Product Manager Dr. Sanjay Gapat – Poultry Division, Alivira Animal Health Limited, Thane – Mumbai along with Mr. Rajib Saha – Director Marketing, Mr. Subinoy Saha­ Managing Director, Mr. Sonatan Ghosh – Director,and other team members from Catapol Bioscience Limited, Dhaka – Bangladesh.

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The product launch commenced with the welcome address of Mr. Rajib and Mr. Subinoy Saha. They highlighted the importa nce of Growth promoter, Electrolyte and Synbiotic
application in poultry.

Dr. Sanjay Gapat detailed on basic fundamentals of Poultry Nutrition Management and Practices. Dr. Sanjay delivered technical presentation on new launches like SEQU-V IT ®, VIPRAL®-ET and Chick-Pro”‘ in front of entire team of Catapol Bioscience.

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Dr. Sanjay conveyed that these newly launched solutions will serve the purpose of every poultry entrepreneur in Bangladesh. They will ensure the Bird’s Growth, Health & Business Profitability. They will shortly gain the trust at buyers end in terms of product efficacy and quality.

Session was marked as highly interactive. All the participants took keen interest in new product launch discussion and cleared their queries with Dr. Sanjay Gapat and happily accepted every product’s concept.

SEQU-VIT®, VIPRAL®-ET and Chick-ProTM became game-changers for addressing the issues related to Bird’s Growth,Health and Early gut development,respectively.

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At the end of the event, Dr. Sanjay owed vote of thanks on behalf of Alivira Animal Health Limited and thanked all the participants for their active participation in product launch discussion and training programme.


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