French Veterinarian Throws Light on Reducing Mortality Rate in Poultry Sector

Bangalore,03 May 2019

The Seminar was Initiated with a welcome address by Mr.K.S Akhilesh Babu – President, KPFBA. Dr. P.Nallappa – Chairman Technical Committee, KPFBA gave brief introduction to the Seminar and the speakers. Mr. Inayath Ulla Khan – Executive Secretary did anchoring of the seminar and delivered vote of thanks.

Veterinary expert Dr. Fenny ledieu from France the importance of early nutrition in a technical seminar organised by Poultry Farmers and Breeders Association (KPFBA).Dr. Fenny Lediue opined that hatching is a critical period when the day old chick takes to lung breathing and starts moving to comfort zone and also towards water and feed. For this process provide proper ventilation, nutritious feed and clean water. With this gastrointestinal tract (an immunity boosting organ) become stronger so that early chick mortality can be reduced in turn chicks withstand adverse environmental conditions and get enhanced healthy growth.

With mortality rates of day old chicks in India said to be high compared to the developed nations, Dr. Fanny Ledieu further said “The mortality rate can be considerably brought down with early feeding of nutrition and ‘clean water.’ Though the mortality rate had come down from what it was in 1983 to 2017, there are still challenges at the hatchery level and also in transportation which need to be resolved.

“If the transportation time of chicks is over four hours there should be controlled atmosphere in the truck. If there are issues with transportation, the risk of losing the chicks was high or there would be weight loss”, added Dr. Fanny Ledieu.

Dr. H.B.Nataraja, Commercial Nutritionist, Higain Feeds said, “With early chick nutrition, the mortality rate would come down from 0.15 to 0.05 per cent, while breast meat yield would go up.” Poultry farmers in India, he said, should stimulate the initial feed consumption. Underscoring the importance of early nutrition, he said that it would lead to development of digestive organs of the chicks by 600 per cent.

Dr. P.Nallappa, Chairman, Technical Committee KPFBA said, “It is important to introduce best practices in the Indian poultry sector and early nutrition is one of the factors to enhance India’s poultry production.”

The President of KPFBA, Mr. K.S.Akhilesh Babu said KPFBA would be organising series of such seminars to give insights to the poultry farmer on how to improve the stock and add to the nation’s wealth.” The concluding remark was delivered by Dr. P.Nallappa.

About the speakers:

Fanny LEDIEU, Global marketing manager – Raizup Nutrition Care. Fanny Ledieu has started her career as a vet consultant for livestock farms in France 17 years ago. She developed a multimodal approach with the farmer and technicians, focusing on prevention. For her, feed, building, health, management and environment are of equal importance to improve performance. She also worked for MSD Animal health and the feed industry. She now worked for Raizup Nutrition Care for 5 years, specialized in nutraceuticals for newborn animals and day-old chicks. For her, focusing on the first stage of life is a key factor of success for good performances, all over the life of the animals.

Dr Nataraja HB, Graduated in Veterinary science in 1993, Post graduate in Animal nutrition in 1996. Started career in Godrej agorvet Ltd as Nutritionist upto 2002, also worked as Nutritionist in Gold Mohur foods and feeds and later worked as Nutritionist for a Joint venture company of Netherlands called Trouw Nutrition. In 2007, started own feed company called Higain feeds and presently continuing as Director. Dr Nataraja also works as Nutritional consultant for many leading feed companies.


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