Kemin conducts informative Knowledge Day seminar at Chennai

Chennai :

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A very recognized name in the poultry industry, Kemin organized a very important and informative Knowledge Day Seminar on 25th March, 2019 at Hotel Leela, Chennai. The welcome address was delivered by Dr R Suresh Kumar, President-Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt Ltd. Dr Kumar thanked the august audience  to have found out time and made to the venue. He underlined the brief history and mission of Kemin and its paramount concern for delivering the best to its consumers.

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Dr R Suresh Kumar

Next to follow was Dr Chris Nelson, President & CEO, Kemin Industries. He spoke on the theme- “Together towards Tomorrow.”  He stressed on the notion of collective responsibilities that Kemin has in its mission for improving the standards of people across the globe. He said the Kemin management is very concerned about its Corporate Social Responsibility. He stressed on the fact that as Kemin progresses on its path to success, simultaneously it aims the inclusion of people too to lead a better life. He said that Kemin is very serious about the inclusion of people in sharing its dream for future. He also stressed the use of technology for a better tomorrow.

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Dr Chris Nelson

Mr Sunny Verghese, Co-founder and Group CEO, Olam International spoke on the theme-“Commodity outlook for the animal feed industry.” He highlighted the availability of essential agricultural produce to cater to the needs of the animal feed industry. He said that the procurement and pricing of cereals is vital to the ultimate pricing of the animal feed. He discussed the latest feed formulation techniques and their uses in different animal species.

Dr Susanne Kirwan, Kemin Europa NV, followed next. She spoke on- “Gut health for good health, a European experience.” She said good gut health ensures, optimum health of the flock, great feed conversion, good overall immunity, vaccinations are effective, no need for AGPs, minimal use of antibiotics and safe poultry production. She also spoke on Foot Pad Lesions and added that it has more to do than simply welfare concern. She said wet litter is detrimental to gut health while dry litter exhibited no signs of Foot Pad Lesions.

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Dr Susanne Kirwan

Mr Rahul Kumar, CEO-Lactalis India, spoke on- “Safe feed, safe food.” He said safe food is of ultimate concern these days and this is only possible when we feed safe feed to animals. He said for the future success in the livestock sector it was decided to have-comprehensive policy on feed and food, information sharing on feed safety, post harvesting, storage facilities, toxin binder usage, tests for toxins, antibiotics, heavy metals, pesticides and implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices and HACCP .

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Mr. Rahul Kumar

Dr C R Behl spoke on– Prospects of meat processing and export opportunities. A comprehensive data on the Indian livestock sector was shared with the audience that included, milk, egg, poultry meat and fish. A comprehensive data on broiler meat producing countries was shared along with the estimated global animal protein demand. The difference between the wet market and processing sector was also discussed elaborately.

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Dr C R Behl

A panel discussion followed next wherein the various problems of the livestock sector was discussed and thus ended a very informative technical session organized by Kemin.

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Mr. Kannan


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