Dr Onkar Pawaskar and Dr Mangesh Sagar

     Trace minerals are, generally, uncommon minerals that practically all organisms need in minute quantities in order to trigger the production of enzymes and hormones for growth, reproduction and healthy maintenance of the animal or plant body. Nutritionally speaking, trace minerals by definition are those which are required by the body in micro amounts.

    All efforts are been made to make these micro minerals available in required quantities and in effective, bioavailable form.

    One major problem associated with mineral supplements is their poor absorption from the gut because of their inorganic form. The inorganic form of minerals is very cheap however, they do not get absorbed well into the body. The mineral complexes as against the inorganic ones are highly bioavailable.

    The increase in demand on all aspects of nutrition has led to the use of new ingredients better able to meet the animal’s growing needs. In the case of trace minerals, this has come in the form of organic minerals. ‘Organic minerals’ describes mineral sources bound in some way to an organic ligand. Chelated trace mineral technology allowed commercial application of these products to improve trace mineral status in the dairy herd with wide-ranging benefits.

    The chelation technology is only possible with the transition metals (iron, copper, manganese, cobalt and zinc).

    Minplex a product of Volschendorf, is specially formulated mineral complex supplement designed to improve absorption of the essential minerals into the body. All minerals present in Minplex are in complex form with amino acid resulting in their improved bioavailability. These are bioavailable forms of essential trace minerals such as copper, iron, manganese, and zinc. After reaching to the organs and tissues, these help in production of enzymes and hormones which in turn are responsible for production of more eggs and meat. Minerals complex promote better mineral uptake and enhancement of the immune response.

    Animals digest, absorb and use mineral complex better than inorganic minerals. In addition, animals fed complex sources of essential trace minerals excrete the same in lower amounts in their faeces, so there is less environmental contamination.

    A trial was conducted in broiler birds with 14000 birds and 3500 birds in each group.

Group A: Birds fed with inorganic minerals at recommended dosage (1kg per ton of feed)

Group B: Birds fed with organic minerals at recommended dosage (500gms per ton of feed)

Group C: Birds fed with Minplex @ 750gms per ton of feed

Group D: Birds fed with Minplex @ 1000gms per ton of feed

The results in the group fed with Minplex minerals complex were found highly promising.

The trial report is given below.

  Group A (with inorganic mineral mix) Group B (without inorganic mineral & with organic min. mix @ 500ppm) Group C (without inorganic mineral & with Minplex @ 750ppm) Group D (without inorganic mineral & with Minplex @ 1000ppm)
Number of birds 3500 3500 3500 3500
Avg. Feed consumed (gm) 3470 3398 3354 3384
Avg. weight gained (gm) 2029 1997 2096 2197
FCR 1.71 2.24 1.60 1.54
Mortality (%) 4 5 4 3
Return on investment (ROI) Rs 2.71 2.95 3.22 4.89

    With the above trial, a new and a cost competitive alternative is now available with the feed manufacturers’ and farmers to make their birds more healthy, immunity stronger and more productive.

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** Director (Sales & marketing) – Volschendorf Enterprise Pvt Ltd

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