Technical Seminar Hosted by HIPRA India

Technical Seminar Hosted by HIPRA India at Hilton Hotel, Hebbal, Bangaluru

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Bangaluru, May 22, 2024 – HIPRA India successfully held a technical seminar at the Hilton Hotel in Hebbal, Bangaluru, drawing layers and breeder farmers along with Veterinary professionals from the poultry industry. The seminar commenced with opening remarks by Dr.Ravindra Pardeshi, Tech. Services Manager HIPRA India, who welcomed the attendees and set the stage for a series of insightful presentations. Following the opening remarks, Dr. ShyamVane , Business Manager of HIPRA India, provided a brief introduction to HIPRA, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence in Poultry  health.

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The technical sessions began with a presentation by guest speaker Dr.Jayanth Deshpande, a renowned poultry consultant having experience of over 30 years in the field. He discussed the current disease scenarios in poultry and provided potential solutions.

His comprehensive overview set the tone for the detailed discussions that followed. Dr. Pradip Doiphode, National Key Account & Sales Manager for India, delved into immunosuppressive diseases in poultry. He introduced HIPRA’s advanced vaccine, Gumbohatch, a new generation Immune-complex vaccine that effectively combats IBD without causing immunosuppressive complications. Dr. Doiphode’s session highlighted the critical role of innovative vaccines in maintaining poultry health and productivity. Dr. Deepak Koli, Technical Services, then addressed the pressing issue of coccidiosis in poultry.

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He emphasized the urgent need for effective vaccines against coccidiosis and presented compelling data demonstrating improved performance in deep litter breeders using Evalon and in commercial broilers, caged breeders, and layers using Evant. His presentation underscored the significant benefits of these vaccines in managing coccidiosis and enhancing poultry health. The seminar provided a platform for industry professionals to exchange knowledge and explore the latest advancements in poultry disease management. HIPRA India’s commitment to advancing veterinary science and providing innovative solutions was evident throughout the event.

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