Carus Laboratories Celebrates Milestone Achievement at Annual Employee Meet 2024

Carus Laboratories Celebrates Milestone Achievement at Annual Employee Meet 2024

Carus Laboratories, a fast-growing veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer, hosted its much-anticipated Annual Employee Meet 2024 at the prestigious Hotel Prem Plaza. The event brought together team members from various departments, showcasing the vibrant and unified spirit of the organization.

The celebration was a grand affair, beginning with a warm welcome for all attendees. The day was filled with a variety of engaging activities including singing, dancing, drama performances, and a lively DJ session, all of which highlighted the diverse talents of our employees.

Adding a touch of elegance, the event was followed by a sumptuous lunch, offering an array of delectable dishes that catered to all tastes. The highlight of the event was the series of speeches delivered by our esteemed leaders, who shared their insights and the company’s future vision, inspiring everyone present.

In a gesture of appreciation for the dedication and hard work of our employees, Carus Laboratories distributed silver coins engraved with the milestone of “100 Crore” to each team member. This token of appreciation symbolizes our gratitude and acknowledges the collective effort that has driven the company to achieve significant milestones.

Commenting on the event, Dr Arun Pilani, MD of Carus Laboratories, said, “Today’s celebration is a testament to the commitment and excellence of our team. Reaching the 100 Crore mark is a significant achievement, and it would not have been possible without the relentless efforts of every individual here. We are proud of our journey and excited about the future as we continue to innovate and excel in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry.”


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