NOVUS Names new Director for South Central Asia

NOVUS Names new Director for South Central Asia

BENGALURU, INDIA (February 7, 2024) – NOVUS recently named Dr. Manish Kumar Singh its new regional director for NOVUS in South Central Asia.  In this role, Dr. Singh is responsible for developing and executing the Novus business strategy in the region.

“Asia represents a huge opportunity for growth for NOVUS,” says Vaibhav Nagpal, DVM, NOVUS vice president and managing director for Asia. “Manish has extensive expertise about the market and the customers throughout South Central Asia. He also has the confidence of his colleagues to make sound, strategic decisions that will help grow the business in the region. With 15 years of experience working in South Asia and Asia-Pacific regions in various roles, I am sure he will strengthen the NOVUS team and grow the business.”

Dr.ManishDr. Singh says his top priority in the new role is his colleagues.

“I aim to build a culture of trust by fully engaging my colleagues,” he says. “Agriculture is a business about animals and plants, but the foundation is people. It takes many people in many roles working together to produce high-quality, safe, nutritious food. By fostering a collaborative working environment across all my teams, we will be more successful as a trusted partner for all our customers and stakeholders.”

Speaking about the poultry and dairy customers in South Central Asia, Dr. Singh says there are many opportunities for intelligent nutrition from NOVUS to positively impact animal performance and help producers achieve their goals.

“Feed cost is a top concern for producers worldwide. We can help optimize feed costs and affect the impact of anti-nutritional factors through our knowledge about feedstuffs along with our CIBENZA® Enzyme Feed Additive,” he says. “Meat consumption and processing is on the rise; we have solutions for those concerned about meat quality, growth efficiency and structural health. Our team also has global expertise in maternal health that, partnered with the use of MINTREX® Bis-Chelated Trace Minerals, can help optimize the reproductive performance.”

As an international company, Dr. Singh said NOVUS has a dedicated team of in-house technical experts and renowned third-party consultants to support producers as they work to improve gut health and immune system function and implement antibiotic-free production.

“Through an integrated approach combining technical know-how with gut health products like AVIMATRIX® Feed Solution and NEXT ENHANCE® Feed Solution, we are helping create effective ABF production,” he says.

Dr. Singh says following the initial success of the NOVUS dairy team in India, the company has invested more resources, allowing further expansion in this market. The goal is to reach more customers and bring innovative solutions backed by scientific research to the largest dairy market in the world.

“There are many challenges and opportunities in dairy production. NOVUS has decades’ worth of research and commercial trials demonstrating how we can improve milk fat production and reproductive performance,” he says. “On the challenge side, we have products that are shown to reduce somatic cell count and manage lameness to improve productivity and extend the herd’s longevity. This is an important growth market for NOVUS and we have a lot to offer.”

Dr. Singh came to NOVUS in 2019 to serve as the head of strategic marketing and technical services for South Central Asia before leading the marketing team for the Asia-Pacific region. He held roles at Cargill and Alltech before coming to NOVUS.

To speak with Dr. Singh or his team about how NOVUS is supporting customers in South Central Asia, visit the Contact Us page at



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