Poultry India Exhibition 2023

Industry Expected to Get Boost From 15th Edition of Poultry India Exhibition 2023

Hyderabad witnessed the grand virtual inauguration of the 15th edition of Poultry India Exhibition at HICC Novotel, with a robust presence of industry stakeholders and enthusiasts. This flagship event, recognized as South Asia’s largest poultry exhibition, is set to unfold at the Hitex Exhibition Center Hyderabad from November 22nd to 24th, hosting a diverse array of 421 exhibitors from across the globe.

Distinguished guests, including Alka Upadhyay, Secretary of the AHD, Government of India, and Dr. OP Chaudhary, Joint Secretary in the GOI, graced the occasion as chief guest and guest of honor, respectively. IPEMA Office bearers and accomplished leaders from the poultry industry added to the significance of the event.

Addressing the audience, IAS Alka Upadhyay reassured the government’s unwavering support for the poultry industry and provided valuable insights for entrepreneurs. Advocating a global perspective, she encouraged a business approach that prioritizes market sharing over mere profit. Upadhyay commended the attendees for elevating India to the second position globally in egg production and expressed contentment over 80 percent of the country’s egg production being in the organized sector.

Expressing personal dedication to policy-making in poultry production and meat export, Upadhyay highlighted the positive trajectory in India’s meat production growth since 2020. She urged the private sector to mobilize small and marginal farmers and emphasized the accessibility of government schemes for small entrepreneurs.

In her discourse, Mrs. Upadhyay underscored the importance of technology-based and environmentally friendly practices for enhanced profit margins. She delved into the details of the National Livestock Mission, aimed at promoting exports, and invited entrepreneurs to leverage opportunities through the Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development fund. Additionally, she welcomed suggestions from entrepreneurs to foster further development in the poultry sector.

Mrs. Upadhyay expressed her concern regarding the escalating prices of soya and maize, identifying them as challenges in poultry feed. She assured stakeholders that the Government of India is actively addressing this issue and hinted at a forthcoming policy shift to ensure affordable feed. Notably, she shared that Prime Minister Narendra Modi shares the same vision for the industry.

The virtual inauguration marked the commencement of an event that promises to be a pivotal platform for the poultry industry, addressing challenges, fostering innovation, and propelling the sector to new heights.

Optimistic Outlook for Indian Poultry Exports

Mrs Alka Upadhyay, Secretary AHD, has highlighted the promising prospects for the export of poultry products from India. Emphasizing the significant developments, she noted that, unlike before, there are now 20 disease-free compartments established for export. This strategic initiative is expected to propel Indian poultry exports to new heights on the global stage.

Upadhyay underscored the availability of patented products in the poultry industry, urging Indian entrepreneurs to leverage these innovations for enhanced competitiveness. Additionally, she called upon private partners to collaborate in establishing Farmer Producer Companies within the poultry sector, fostering collective growth and sustainability.

In her remarks, Upadhyay concluded by emphasizing the adoption of a market-sharing strategy, drawing inspiration from the successful model employed by the United States. This approach aims to optimize market presence and opportunities for the Indian poultry industry.

As India positions itself for increased poultry exports, Upadhyay’s insights signal a positive trajectory for the industry’s global engagement.

Poultry India Exhibition 2023, 15th Edition begins

Hyderabad, November 20th – Press Conference Unveils Insights for 15th Edition of Poultry India Exhibition 2023

In anticipation of the 15th edition of the Poultry India Exhibition 2023, a press meet was meticulously organized at Hotel Mercure in Erramanzil, Hyderabad. Scheduled to kick off with a Knowledge Day on November 21st, the event will witness the esteemed presence of Alka Upadhyay, Secretary to the Government of India, as the chief guest. The proceedings will include a virtual inauguration of the Poultry Exhibition 2023 attended by dignitaries, bureaucrats, and IPEMA office bearers.

Anil Dhumal, the Director of IPEMA, shared pivotal details during the press conference, announcing the participation of 421 exhibitors in this edition. Expressing optimism, he hoped for a surge in the number of visitors. The press conference also featured insights from key figures such as P Chakradhar Rao, Harish Garware, Sanjeev Reddy, J Bhaskar Rao, Uday Singh, among others.

The organizers conveyed their delight at the growing recognition of South Asia’s largest poultry exhibition in Hyderabad. Emphasis was placed on strategies to boost the export of poultry products in the forthcoming period. Acknowledging the collective efforts of private participation, it was highlighted that India has secured the second position globally in egg production. The organizers also expressed concern regarding the escalating prices of poultry feed in India.

As the anticipation builds for the 15th edition, the press conference set the stage for discussions on industry growth, international participation, and strategies to address challenges in the poultry sector.

Great Anticipation from IPEMA Director Anil Dhumal for Poultry India Exhibition 2023

Anil Dhumal, the Director of IPEMA, has expressed high expectations for the upcoming 15th edition of Poultry India Exhibition in 2023. Reflecting on the exhibition’s inception in 2007 with a modest single hall, Dhumal highlighted the subsequent growth, with numerous dimensions added over the years. The current expansive venue spans 30,000 square meters, attracting a substantial number of entrepreneurs.

Drawing from the success of the previous year, where 34,000 visitors attended the Poultry India Exhibition, Dhumal expressed optimism for an even more significant turnout this year. With 421 exhibitors confirmed for the 2023 edition, he anticipates a heightened participation, providing attendees with valuable insights and benefits from the exhibition.

As the exhibition continues to evolve and expand, Anil Dhumal’s positive outlook reflects the industry’s growing enthusiasm and the potential for the 15th edition to surpass previous achievements.

Mahatma Gandhi: A Pivotal Advocate for Eggetarian Lifestyle

Tarun Sreedhar, former IAS and Secretary to the Government of India, expressed delight at the remarkable 217 percent growth of the poultry industry in South Asia over the past three decades. Despite this positive trend, he raised concerns about the escalating prices of poultry feed, particularly maize and soya, and expressed optimism for the establishment of a regulatory body in the future.

Sridhar emphasized the need for heightened awareness regarding poultry consumption, especially in India where cultural and religious sentiments influence dietary choices. Recognizing that some individuals avoid eggs due to religious beliefs, Sridhar suggested a balanced approach by advocating for egg consumption within vegetarian limits.

In a surprising revelation, Sridhar pointed to Mahatma Gandhi as the biggest brand ambassador for egg consumption in India. He highlighted Gandhi’s advocacy for pure egg consumption and noted that consuming eggs contributes to maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Sridhar stressed the importance of disseminating this information among the general public, promoting a balanced perspective on egg consumption.

As the industry grapples with challenges, Sridhar’s insights underscore the potential role of influential figures, even from history, in shaping dietary perceptions.

Elevating the Indian Poultry Industry: The Imperative for Branding

Debaraj Das, CEO of Baramati Agro, shared his invaluable insights during Knowledge Day, shedding light on the crucial need for branding in the poultry industry. Das emphasized the prevailing perception of chicken as a commodity rather than a brand in India, highlighting the untapped potential for elevating its status through strategic branding.

Starting with the assertion that the consumption and value of chicken can be augmented through value addition, Das outlined key dimensions such as quality, service, and enhanced customer experience. By focusing on these aspects, the branding of poultry products could be facilitated, transforming chicken from a commodity to a recognizable and trusted brand

During his discourse, Das explored the burgeoning opportunities for young entrepreneurs in the franchise business. He underscored the significance of media publicity in promoting franchises and advised a meticulous selection process for skilled manpower tailored to the specific needs of the poultry industry. Das encouraged aspiring entrepreneurs to carefully choose the right franchise, sharing his own experiences of successfully popularizing the franchise “Chicken Vicken.”

Recognizing the challenge of altering consumer behavior in the poultry sector, Das emphasized the necessity for comprehensive value addition. By adopting this approach, the industry can meet evolving consumer preferences and contribute to the overall growth and recognition of poultry products in the market.

Das’s insights underscore the transformative potential of branding in the Indian poultry industry, setting the stage for innovation, quality enhancement, and improved consumer experiences.

Countering Fake Egg Propaganda: The Role of Blockchain Technology

 Samarendra Mishra, CEO and Co-Founder of OVO Farm, shared his perspectives on Poultry India’s Knowledge Day, shedding light on the menace of fake eggs and misleading promotions in the industry. Expressing concern over the dissemination of false information through social media, Mishra discussed the challenges faced by traditional farmers who often fall victim to misleading propaganda, impacting egg consumption patterns.

To combat this misinformation, Mishra proposed a multi-faceted approach, emphasizing a deeper understanding of consumers and direct outreach without middlemen. He advocated for collaboration with government agencies to prevent the misuse of social media platforms. According to Mishra, egg consumption in India is currently below the recommended level, attributing this shortfall to a distorted narrative.

Addressing the challenge head-on, Mishra underscored the importance of a counter narrative, emphasizing the nutritional benefits of egg consumption. To ensure quality and authenticity, Mishra proposed leveraging blockchain technology, allowing consumers to trace eggs from the farm to their homes. This transparency, he argued, would empower consumers to dismiss misleading information about eggs.

Drawing from his experiences at KENKO, Mishra shared initiatives such as egg painting to raise awareness among children, aligning with his business philosophy at OVO Farm. He highlighted the company’s commitment to social responsibilities and emphasized the transformative role of blockchain technology in ensuring the integrity of the egg supply chain.

Mishra’s insights underscore the pivotal role of technology in addressing industry challenges and fostering a more informed and aware consumer base.

Evolving from Tradition to Brand: YOJANA POULTRY’s Journey

 Gaurav Bhosale, CEO of Pune-based YOJANA POULTRY, shared a captivating narrative of his family’s journey from traditional egg farming to establishing a recognized brand. In an engaging

discussion, Bhosle recounted their transition, focusing on “power eggs” and amplifying egg consumption through grassroots promotions.

Rather than simply imparting knowledge, Gaurav offered a personal perspective, narrating the story of his family’s involvement in egg farming. He highlighted the humble beginnings, with his grandfather delivering eggs on a bicycle, juxtaposed against the current scenario where their brand is seamlessly connected online through platforms like Swiggy and Zomato.

Bhosle underscored the efficacy of media publicity in elucidating the manifold benefits of eggs, emphasizing its role in bridging the information gap. He urged for the infusion of modern technology in third-generation egg farming, emphasizing its transformative impact. Additionally, Bhosle recognized the pivotal role of skilled manpower in sustaining and advancing the industry.

In a nod to continuous improvement, Bhosle recommended that entrepreneurs meticulously consider and act upon consumer feedback. This, he emphasized, would not only contribute to the refinement of products and services but also fortify the connection between producers and consumers.

Gaurav Bhosle’s account of YOJANA POULTRY’s journey serves as an inspiring testament to the evolution of traditional practices into a contemporary and thriving brand.

Insights from Industry Veterans on Poultry India Exhibition 2023

As industry leaders converge to discuss the Poultry India Exhibition 2023, several notable figures provided valuable perspectives:

D Raghav Rao, President, TS, Broiler Breeder Association: “In terms of productivity, we are on par with any developed country. However, our challenge lies in smaller farm sizes compared to developed nations, and raw material sourcing remains a significant hurdle.”

Anil Dhumal, Director, IPEMA: “The largest poultry exhibition in Atlanta, America, attracts 30-

32 thousand people. Last year, our exhibition drew 35 thousand visitors, a commendable achievement in itself.”

Chakradhar Rao, Director IPEMA: “With 300 Indian companies and additional foreign participants, this year’s exhibition spans 30 thousand square meters, anticipating over thirty thousand visitors.”

Suresh Rayidu Chitturi, Chairman of International Egg Commission- Policy makers should work towards poultry rural transportation.  By strengthening poultry support agriculture, an increase in total production can be expected.

Uday Singh Bayas, President, IPEMA: “Promoting the inclusion of chicken and eggs in our regular diet, we aim to showcase world-class technology at the exhibition. Addressing misconceptions about chicken and eggs is also on our agenda.”

K Mohan Reddy, President, Telangana State Poultry Federation: “Telangana leads in egg production, yet challenges persist. We seek greater cooperation from the state government, especially in addressing issues related to land availability, subsidies, water, and maize.”

KG Anand, EAC Poultry India: “Dr. BV Rao laid the foundation for modern poultry practices in Telangana. Despite per capita egg consumption being at 90-92, there’s room for growth. Chicken and eggs are vital sources of high-quality protein, necessitating broader public understanding.”

These insights collectively underscore the multifaceted challenges and opportunities shaping the poultry industry, providing a comprehensive outlook at the Poultry India Exhibition 2023.

Distinguished Speakers at the Virtual Inauguration of the 15th Edition Poultry India Exhibition, Hyderabad

During the virtual inauguration of the 15th Edition of the Poultry India Exhibition in Hyderabad, esteemed dignitaries took the stage to share their valuable insights and expertise:

1. Alka Upadhyay – Secretary (AHD)
2. Dr. OP Chaudhary – Joint Secretary (AHD)
3. Tarun Shreedhar –  Key note speaker
4. Dr. PK Shukla – Knowledge Day Chairman
5. Uday Singh – IPEMA President
6. Dr. KG Anand – EAC Poultry India
7. Ranpal Dhanda
8. Shirish Nigam
9. Suresh D
10. Ram Reddy
11. Sri Suresh Raidu
12. Ajay Deshpande
13. Naveen – President, Karnataka Poultry Farmers Association
14. T. Biswal
15. Balwant Rana
16. Harish Garware
17. Chakradhar Rao
18. Balram Yadav
19. Anil Dhumal

These distinguished individuals collectively contributed to the success of the virtual inauguration, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the 15th Edition Poultry India Exhibition.



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