Cll unveils poultry vision 2047

Cll unveils poultry vision 2047

Releasing the vision document for poultry sector for 2047 Cll on Tuesday has asked the government to formulate policies hat incentivise investments, promote research and development and streamline regulatory procedures “A supportive policy framework and government initiatives play a vital role in the growth of the poultry sector.

Cll unveils poultry vision 2047

The government may have to focus on promoting lab infrastructure, educational institutions and newer
markets developing and implementing supportive policies and regulations that facilitate the growth of the poultry sector and encourage investments, ensure food safety, and promote sustainable practices,” Cll said in a statement.

Cll unveils poultry vision 2047

It also said that currently, exports from India primarily focused on frozen whole chicken and cuts, table eggs and egg powder. “The vision for 2047 should be to considerably increase the export basket ti include more value-added products such as liquid eggs, egg chips, ready to eat products.” CIl said
The current share in india’s global exports has to be increased from 1.2 percent to at least 10 percent in the next 25 years, This will require achieving the vision of increased consumption as well as production and adequate feed along with achieving the target of at least 20-30 percent of processing levels in poultry sector.

Cll unveils poultry vision 2047 Cll unveils poultry vision 2047

Stressing that India should aim to use competitiveness in terms of costs to its advantage without compromising on the quality, CIl said Indian poultry products should enter new markets.



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