Like Poultry farming, quail farming can make it a source of income. There is always a fear of many types of diseases in Poultry, whereas the biggest feature of quail is that it can be easily reared in different types of climates. Special type of food has been prepared and served from this bird since ancient times.

Quail is such a wild bird, which cannot fly for long distances and makes its nest on the ground itself. Due to their tasty and nutritious quality meat, it is more preferred.

Quail farming can not only earn good money but will also help in stopping the decreasing number of Quails. The specialty of this business is that it starts at a low cost. Not only this, Quails also become very saleable because they grow rapidly, due to high egg production and easy maintenance, its rearing is growing rapidly as a business.

The business of Quail (Japanese Quail) comes in third place after commercial Poultry and duck farming in the country. The weight of Japanese Quail’s egg is 8 percent of its body weight, while the hen’s is only 3 percent. After two and a half decades of efforts in Quail farming, its domesticated species is being developed for meat and egg production.

Benefits of Quail Meat

Eating Quail meat is quite a bit beneficial e.g.

  1. Beneficial for the eyes: Good for Eyes Vitamin A is found in plenty in Quail meat, which is considered very beneficial for your eyes. Vitamin A is a kind of antioxidant vitamin which is beneficial in increasing eyesight.
  1. Maintains blood sugar. Controls Blood Sugar People whose blood sugar level is not correct, it gives a lot of benefit in reducing the increased blood sugar. If you are a diabetic patient then you should eat Quail meat.
  1. Beneficial for the brain: Good for Memory Quail meat is also beneficial for your brain. The mind of children and the elderly becomes weak. Many types of vitamins and antioxidants are found in Quail meat, which are good for the neuro system.
  1. Completes protein deficiency. Good Protein Source young bodybuilder Protein is a very essential nutrient for the human body and protein is found in abundance in Quail meat. To meet the deficiency of protein, you can add Quail meat to your diet.
  1. Controls cholesterol. Balance Cholesterol Quail meat is rich in fatty acids which control your cholesterol and are beneficial for the heart.
  1. Beneficial for liver too: Good for Liver Quail meat is also considered very beneficial for the liver.

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Quail egg is nutritious

The weight of a Quail egg is 10 grams and the weight of a hen’s egg is 55 grams, but the weight of a Quail’s egg is 10 to 55, yolk 29 to 25 percent, whiteness 55 to 61 percent, calcium 59 to 57 grams respectively in comparison to chicken, Phosphorus 220 grams, Iron element 3-7, Vitamin 0.12 to 0.07 grams, Protein 13 to 10 percent and Beta B 150 to 50 grams are found. Considering its nutritional value, meat lovers are getting attracted to Quail despite the cost of Quail being higher than that of chicken.

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 Benefits of Quail Farming

  • Quails are small in size and require less space for housing.
  • Quails become mature quickly, female Quails start laying eggs in 6 to 7 weeks and Quails reach the age of selling in the market only after 5 weeks.
  • A female Quail lays about 250-300 eggs in a year.
  • Quail meat is very tasty as compared to chicken meat; the amount of fat is also less. Which helps in controlling obesity.
  • The cost of feed and maintenance in Quail farming is very less.
  • Along with Poultry and animal husbandry, farmers can pursue this business by rearing some number of Quails.
  • Meat and eggs are needed to make the human diet balanced. Therefore, it would be correct to say that many benefits can be derived from Quail farming.

Quail Farming

If you want to do Quail farming business, then for that you have to arrange an accommodation. You can also raise Quail in the house by cage and bedding system. Cage method is more convenient and beneficial. Two weeks old Quail can be kept in cage. The size of the cage is 3 X 2.5 X 1.5 square feet. Many cages are needed for commercial egg production, and keep 10 to 12 egg-laying Quails in each cage. For breeding, keep one male bird with three female birds, and there should be arrangement of fresh air and proper lighting in the house. It is very important to have skylights and windows in the house where the chicks are kept, so that they can get the same air and light. Quail chicks initially require 29 hours of light. Make sure to make arrangements for electricity for heating. The temperature of the electric brooder is 95 Fahrenheit in the first week, and every week the temperature should be reduced.

Quail Diet

For good quality of Quail, feed is also to be given in good quantity. Two to two and a half kg of diet should be there for one kg of Quail production, so that good production can be taken from their body development and health. More profit can be earned by giving the best-balanced diet. An adult Quail should be given about 20-35 GM diet in a day. About 27% protein is necessary for a new born baby and 22 – 24% protein for an adult.

Breeding in Quail birds

Breeding method in Quail is easy and simple. Normally Quails become mature for breeding at the age of 5 to 7 weeks. The female Quail (layer) starts laying eggs only at the age of 6-7 weeks. At the age of 8 weeks, these birds attain about 50 percent egg production capacity. For commercial Quail farming, the ratio of male and female Quail should be kept 1:5, that is, one male is kept in five females. It takes about 17 days for the chicks to hatch from the eggs, and the weight of one day’s chicks is about 8-10 grams.

Care and management of Quail birds

Compared to other birds, Quail is very resistant to diseases, so vaccination is not required or less in Quail. Good care, good housing and balanced diet is enough to save Quail from diseases and high production. Vitamin and mineral mixture should be given in sufficient quantity in regular diet.

Quail marketing

The demand for Quail meat and eggs is very high in the market. The products obtained from Quail can be easily sold in the nearest local market or in nearby cities. That’s why Quail farming can be a good option for income and employment at the commercial level in the country. Following this, the nearest market is best for selling eggs and meat. Because it will save less time and less transport cost. Eggs and meat are sold at various shops, hotels. It is best if you have a private vehicle for transport.

Similarly, by rearing Quail, you can earn a good income and become self-sufficient.

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