Huge Scope of Entrepreneurship in Poultry Sector in the Country

Livestock Innovation,Knowledge and Entrepreneurship Skill (LIKES) Centre located at Veterinary College, Navania, Udaipur (Rajasthan Veterinary University, Bikaner)organised a National Webinar on Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Poultry Sector in India on 28th August 2020 on online platform of Microsoft Teams. This National Webinar was chaired by Prof. (Dr.) Vishnu Sharma, Vice Chancellor, Rajasthan Veterinary University, Bikaner. Dr. P.K. Shukla, Registrar & Dean PGS, Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Veterinary University, Mathura, a renowned Poultry Veterinarian was the guest speaker in this webinar.

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Vice Chancellor Dr. Sharma stressed upon the need for exploring the entrepreneurship opportunities in the poultry sector. He explained about the potential of poultry industry in the country. He also expressed that such type of the webinars will definitely yield some concrete recommendations for the upliftment of poultry sector in the country and open new horizons for the young veterinarians. There is need to search newer avenues for employment opportunities in the present scenario. The poultry sector is one of such options which is needed to be explored for entrepreneurship opportunities. Poultry products have good biological value in the food basket. He said that there is great scope for the veterinary students in poultry sector. He asked the faculty to motivate the students towards such newer avenues. Dr. Sharma praised the intellect personality of Dr. P.K. Shukla and said that he is the right person to address on the topic of webinar. He gave thanks to Dr. Shukla for accepting the request of university to be the guest speaker in the webinar.

rjuvas2Dr. P.K Shukla who was the guest speaker in this National Webinar emphasised upon the need to develop entrepreneurship skills in the young budding veterinarian. He explained that total meat production in India is around 107 MMT and only around 10 per cent of this is being exported. India ranks 3rd in egg production and 5th in chicken meat production. Global egg production is around 1387 billion. He said that poultry contributes nearly 0.5 per cent to the National GDP and 10 per cent to total livestock GDP. With 1.37 billion population and 5-6 per cent of per capita increase annually makes India a very large market, therefore an increase in the per capita consumption of 1 egg or 50gm poultry meat will generate estimated 25000 additional jobs in the country. Dr. Shukla said that commercial poultry production in India is a major venture of the private sector with about 75 per cent under its control. He informed that rural backyard poultry farming is being strongly encouraged by the public sector as a mean of livelihood support for the rural poor. Dr. Shukla explained about the nutritional value of egg and poultry meat. He also focused upon new normal COVID scenario in poultry sector. There is need to create awareness among people regarding consumption of egg and poultry meat. He further said poultry sector can play a significant role in making Self Reliant India. Dr. Shukla also briefed about the government support to develop poultry sector in the country. He urged the budding veterinarians to explore the poultry allied fields also, such as poultry feed industry, poultry diseased diagnostics, vaccine production etc. Dr. Shukla also answered the queries of many participants.

In the beginning Nodal Officer ICAR of Rajasthan University of Animal and Veterinary sciences,Dr. Sunil Meherchandani welcomed distinguished guests Hon`ble Vice chancellor, Guest Speaker,Dean & Directors and participants in the webinar. He informed the participants that the concept of incubation ecosystem and Livestock Innovation, Knowledge and Entrepreneurship Skill (LIKES) Centre was envisaged by Prof. (Dr.) Vishnu Sharma first of all in the veterinary university. Dr. Sanjita Sharma, Dean PGIVER, Jaipur also expressed her views. Dr. R.K. Dhuria, Director Extension Education was also present in the webinar. Dr. Rajeev Joshi, Dean, Veterinary College, Udaipur expressed vote of thanks and concluding remark.

Dr. S.K. Sharma, officer Incharge Livestock Innovation, Knowledge and Entrepreneurship Skill (LIKES) centre, Veterinary College, Udaipur was the organising secretary of the webinar. He reported that total 1587 participants were registered in the webinar from all over the country. The Webinar was also live on RAJUVAS Facebook Live and 12616 people reached the RAJUVAS Facebook Live with a total 3000 view, which was record. This was the second webinar organised by Livestock Innovation, Knowledge and Entrepreneurship Skill (LIKES) Centre.


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