Bharatpur, Nepal

Biochem Pharma participated in Nepal Poultry International Expo-2020, which was held in Feb 28, Feb 29 & 01 Mar 2020 in Chitwan Expo Center, Bharatpur, Nepal. The team received a good response from the visitors at the exhibition.


The growth rate of Nepal’s Poultry production of commercial sector is 17-18 percent annually. Its contribution to overall GDP is 4 percent and is further encouraging and increasing. Moreover it has created multiplier effect to other industries.

Additionally it is emerging as a strong industry, directly employing and engaging 70, 000 people. The Poultry industry for the country seen mounting with Increasing –

•Trend in production and productivity

• Increasing tendency of consumer favouring white meat

• Popularity of poultry meat without regard to caste/creed/age

• Being one of the cheapest source of animal protein

• Availability of broiler meat and eggs in all urban centers and even in small market areas,

• Quarantine act, meat act for quality control Organised private sector and good coordination between government stake holders in opening slaughter house in near future,rapid financial turn over.

• Increasing inflow of tourists, rapid urbanization,

• Changing food habits of urban inhabitants,

• Availability of comparatively cheaper labour.



POULTRY PUNCH incorporated in 1984 and we are in poultry media since last 36 years and publish Poultry punch – English Monthly Magazine. Mr Balwant Singh Rana prior to laying the foundation of Poultry Punch magazine was still involved with renowned Indian poultry companies and It was there that he had the vision of doing something exceptional for the Indian poultry industry and then he stepped into the poultry media.

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