13th edition of Poultry India 2019 registers phenomenal visitor attendance at Hyderabad


The Poultry India 2019, the 13th in the series registered yet again the success saga which has become a regular trait, organized by Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (IPEMA) under the able guidance of Exhibition Advisory Committee (EAC). This perennial event was organized at the Hitex Exhibition Centre from November 27-29, 2019. This event was phenomenal in terms of massive attendance of visitors that crossed the 20,000 milestone. Including the 99 international exhibitors the total exhibitors was pegged at around 375.

The event started with the lighting of the Inaugural Lamp by Shri Talasani Srinivas Yadav, Minister for Animal Husbandry, Dairy & Fisheries, Government of Telangana and the dignitaries present on the dais ere Shri Etela Rajender , Minister of Health & Wealth, Government of Telangana, Shri Mopidevi Venkata Ramana Rao, Minister of Animal Husbandry of Dairy & Fisheries, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Shri G Ranjith Reddy, Member of Parliament, Government of India, Shri Chinaraj AKP, Member of Parliament, Government of India and others.

Mr Chakradhar Rao, President- IPEMA said this 13th edition of Poultry India series is here to showcase the latest poultry production technology being practiced around the globe, which shall facilitate the Indian farmers in upgrading their production techniques. He said the made in India poultry equipments is now on a par with other world poultry equipments and other products which is available to the Indian farmers at an affordable price. He said that the indigenous poultry associations and the business groups have rendered major contribution for the rise and development of poultry in India. He congratulated the Indian farmers for achieving the benchmark of poultry business turnover to the tune of 16 billion USD. He said poultry industry is close to producing 100 billion eggs and 6 MMT of chicken meat annually. He said India stands at 2nd global egg producer and 3rd in broiler meat production. He said India is the only country to witness consistent growth in the last two decades. He said there should be easy availability of cereals and feed for the poultry and in times of crisis, the Government should facilitate imports to ease the burden of the poultry farmers. He praised the Government of Telangana for having timely released 4,000,00 MT of maize for the local farmers. He said the Indian poultry industry has ascertained the capacity to meet the demand of poultry products in the country. He said this year alone the layer farmers suffered a loss of Rs 7,500 crores, while some farmers are unable to replace their flocks and others have shut down their farm due to losses. He stated that the current per capita egg consumption in India is 65-70 and chicken meat consumption at 4 Kg per year.

He stated that malnutrition is still a challenge in India and to boost egg consumption, the Governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana are serving eggs to the pregnant women and also in the mid-day-meals in the Government school but urged the implementation in the private schools also. HE said that the consumption of eggs has resulted in excellent performances of children in health, academics and in sports. HE informed that due to egg serving in the4 mid-day-meals at schools, the attendance of children has significantly increased. He said the chicken and chicken leg import will destabilize the poultry market in India. He said Indian poultry industry is generating employment to the tune of 60 lakh people across India. He was all praise for the cage system of poultry rearing and explained this with clear examples.

Shri Talasani Srinivas Yadav greeted the dignitaries on the dais and welcomed the assembled gathering at the Inaugural Ceremony of Poultry India 2019. He praised the efforts of Telangana Chief Minister KCR and the Government in initiating various programmes for the development of the state. He presented the poultry production statistics and the ranking of Telangana on various pedestals of development. He said the Telangana Governemnt is committed to the development of poultry in the state and is doing its best to ensure that the local state farmers utilize the benefits given by the Government.

He praised the organizers of Poultry India exhibition for providing a platform to update the Indian poultry with the latest developments in poultry. He said since all these years the Poultry India exhibition has had a very good effect in the performance of the poultry industry. He said the Telangana Government is also providing various subsidies to the state poultry industry so that their development is not obstructed and production is multiplied.

Mr Pradeep Rao, President, Telangana Poultry Federation as all praise for the Telangana Government in supporting the development of poultry in the state. He said Telangana is a top producer of poultry in the country and this was all possible due to the sincere efforts of the state Government. He said poultry has been facing great problems in terms of maize availability, cage ban issue and a lot more. He praised the significant role of the poultry associations in apprising the Government on the ground realities of the problems faced by the poultry industry.


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