The effect of EMERALD-IGUSAFE WS on growth performanc mortality and time to slaughter weight in broilers

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Jesus Suarez,Ph.D Technical Manager,IGUSOL ADVANCE S.A

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Introduction and Objective

 Igusol Advance SA has developed EMERALD, which is a free flowing powder in form of micro- pearls. The product contains a standardized combination of active ingredients of cinnamon and other aromatic substances which protect the gut integrity and enhances animal performance.

Igusol Advance SA has developed IGUSAFE WS, soluble powder of plant extracts with choleretic, cholagogue and antioxidant properties which protect the liver cells reinforcing the liver functions and enhancing performance in the animal.

The aim of this study was to evaluate dietary effects of combine EMERALD and IGUSAFE on growth performance, mortality and time to slaughter BW, for reduce the lack of growth of animals and the peak of mortality in the last stage of growth, because the avoid of AGPs inclusion.

Trial site

The present trial was conducted in a broiler farm of India


Control feeds: Typical commercial diets with AGPs (Zinc+ Bacitracin)

Igusol strategy: Typical commercial diets (withouth AGPs)

Phase Day Product Dose (g/ton) Route
Prestarter 1 to 12 Emerald 100 Feed
Igusafe WS 100 Feed
Starter 12 to 24 Emerald 70 Feed
Igusafe WS 50 Feed
Finisher 25 to 42 Igusafe WS 70 Feed
14 to 42 Igusafe WS 125* Water

*125 g/1000l, or ½ bag per 1000l of water.

Trial Design

A total of 12.000 one-day-old broiler chicks were divided in 2 houses of 7,250 animals and 4,500, with 2 replicates for control and 1 for Igusol. The animals were fed with the experimental diets until the marketing weight, approximately 42d.

Results and discussion

The inclusion of IGUSOL STRATEGY increased the feed intake in 0.6 g/d, increasing their growth in 1.7 g/d and improving the feed conversion in 0.06. Consequently, broilers obtained higher slaughter BW than the control group. However, according the farmer words, the most important was that the Igusol strategy also increase the growth of animals, could improve their livability, reducing the mortality from 7,2 to 2,9 %, with the important economic importance for the farmer.

Table 1. Effects of dietary addition of IGUSOL STRATEGY on growth performance of broilers.

Control Flock Trial flock Differences
ADG (g/d) 56.90 58.60 1.70
ADFI (g/d) 97.86 97.28 – 0.57
FCR (g/g) 1.72 1.66 – 0.06
Mortality (%) 7.20 2.90 – 4.30
Av Bwt (kg) 2.39 2.52 0.13
Mean Age (d) 42.00 43.00 1.00
Flock Size 7.278 4.565 – 2.713.02
Total feed (ton) 27.76 19.10 – 8.66

On the other hand, when estimate the commercial impact of IGUSOL STRATEGY inclusion, was showed that it increased the feed cost in 0.32 Rs/kg, penalizing the feeding cost in 3.15 Rs/bird. However, according with the trial results, it inclusion increased the benefice in 8.53 Rs /bird, giving a ROI of 3.09 and an increase in the farm benefice of 110,100 Rs/flock of 12,000 birds.

Table 2. Cost savings by adding IGUSOL STRATEGY in broilers.

Control Trial Differences
Total live birds 6754 4.433 – 2.321
Cost of feed ( Rs/kg ) 24.8 25.12 0.32
Total feed intake in 42 days (kg/bird) 4.11 4.18 0.07
Total feed cost (Rs/bird ) 101.92 105.08 3.15
Price per kg live wt (Rs) production cost 42,65 41.70 – 0.95
Final body wt in 42 days (Kg) 2.39 2.52 0.13
Sale price live (Rs/kg) 75.00
Total sales price (Rs/bird) 179.25 189.00 5.44
Total margine (Rs/bird ) 77,32 83.92 8.53
ROI* 3.09

*ROI: return of investment (Difference of margin/Difference of cost of feed)


The inclusion of IGUSOL STRATEGY showed higher slaughter BW, with less days of growth, with better FCR and lower mortality. In addition, its use increased the benefice in 7.34 Rs/bird, giving a ROI of 3.32 and an increase in the farm 102,360 Rs/flock of 12,000 birds.


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