HIPRA, a true reference in prevention for animal health

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HIPRA is a multinational veterinary company dedicated to the research, production and marketing of products for prevention in Animal Health

Our history spans more than half a century and do currently occupy one of the top positions amongst pharmaceutical companies producing Biologicals for the veterinary industry worldwide.

At HIPRA we are convinced that the future lies in prevention. In fact, R&D is the core of our knowledge. Currently, 16% of HIPRA staff and 10% of annual turnover are dedicated to R&D and Regulatory Affairs. There is a single objective to all of this: to generate and apply the latest scientific advances in the development of innovative solutions that provide differential advantages.

We are specialists in developing innovative preventive solutions that make it possible to identify existing threats on any poultry or livestock farm before they occur, in such a way that we can act to prevent them or minimize their effects. We have a broad range of highly innovative Biological products, an advanced diagnostic service and our own line of Diagnostic kits.

The company is carrying out a steady and solid process of international expansion and has its own branches in 38 countries and two strategically located production plants, one in Europe (Spain) and another in South America (Brazil).Together with a worldwide distribution network, HIPRA’s products are available to customers in more than 100 countries across the five continents.

The company’s future strategy is clearly expressed in its vision: to be the reference in prevention for Animal Health. HIPRA has a great potential for growth and the most products launched in recent years, and this line will continue in the coming years. This enables us to continue our international expansion, while always maintaining the independence that we are characterized by and the entire dedication to the world of animal health and serving our customers.

HIPRA launch event continues

HIPRA organized its first company launch event at India’s largest poultry hub in the city of Hyderabad on 28th May, 2019 at Hotel Novotel. Post the successful launch events of HIPRA at Hyderabad, Coimbatore and Namakkal, the events continued in the cities of Rajamundry on 11th June at Hotel Shelton, Chandigarh on 13th June at Hotel Holiday Inn and Kernel on 14th June at Hotel Noor Mahal. Later in the month of July, the launch event were organized at Kolkata on 16th July at Hotel Novotel and concluded at Pune (HQ of HIPRA India) on 18th July at Hotel Conrad. The launch events were conducted in different regions of India as well in series to spread the awareness of HIPRA’s entry in the Indian poultry market and its unique products.

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The events commenced with the welcome note by Dr. Shyam Vane, Business Manager, HIPRA India in which he addressed the gathering. He then called upon the key functionary to invite important dignitaries on the stage to light the lamp and mark the inauguration of the Launch. After the lighting of lamp, he introduced the HIPRA team including the distributors of the region. poultry Industry.

Dr. Shyam Vane invited Ms Panicha Thanahiranchai, Regional Manager, Asia & Oceania, to start the occasion with the inauguration of HIPRA to announce the initiation of its techno-commercial operations in India. Following this, Ms Panicha Thanahiranchai, Regional Manager, Asia & Oceania, had given a corporate presentation on HIPRA. She informed the guests regarding the company’s history, vision, mission and future goals. She also described about its aim to be the reference in prevention for animal health by ensuring the best quality vaccines for poultry both in terms of efficacy and even safety. Ms Panicha Thanahiranchai, even briefed about the recent activities of the HIPRA in the poultry industry worldwide. She even enlightened the delegates on HIPRA giving an insight on the company strategies, briefing about its range of products and services, including its future plans, the facilities it has worldwide and its team. Explaining about the company strategies she threw light on HIPRA’s vision to be the reference in prevention for animal health.

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Ms Panicha Thanahiranchai even described about its global positioning giving an idea about the vaccines and diagnostic kits HIPRA had developed till date. The audience was informed about the technological solutions which HIPRA offers through smart vaccination which is a state of- the-art vaccination technique for the hatchery with specific precision mechanisms and has HIPRAIink Software for the traceability of synchronized vaccination. She even elaborated about HIPRA’s own diagnostic service called Diagnos in 9 different areas. The importance of the continuing educational programme called HIPRA University which the company offers in the field of disease prevention intended for veterinarians was very well described by him. At the end, Ms Panicha Thanahiranchai, concluded her presentation by thanking the entire HIPRA team along with the distributors of the region and requested them for extending their support in future for establishing HIPRA in the Indian Poultry Industry.

The launch events conducted in the evening was attended by layer and breeder farmers, integrators and reknowned consultants from the field of poultry industry as well, who graced the occasion with their presence.

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It was followed by detailed and comprehensive presentations on HIPRAVIAR CLON — Live cloned vaccine against Newcastle disease including HIPRAVIAR CLON/IB H120 – Live combined vaccine against Newcastle disease and Infectious bronchitis by Dr. Jorge Vinas Villa, Regional Technical Manager, Asia and Oceania, from Phillipines. He stressed upon the advantages HIPRAVIAR Clon which can be administered to all types of birds providing long lasting immunity without manifestation of secondary reactions. He shared more ideas on HIPRAVIAR CLON with his vast field experience in HIPRA. Dr. Jorge Vinas Villa, Regional Technical Manager highlighted on efficacy and safety of HIPRAVIAR CLON against Newcastle disease by sharing valuable information based on the various published field trial reports conducted across various countries. It was interesting to know how.

HIPRAVIAR CLON is beneficial to prevent all genotypes of Newcastle. The interaction of the HIPRA technical team with the poultry experts in each of the areas was very informative and useful. Subject matter expert Dr. Shyong Weh Ong, Regional Technical and Marketing Specialist, Asia Oceania from Malaysia apprised the delegates about the advantages of cloned vaccines of HIPRA. He also presented on CORIPRAVAC, a trivalent inactivated vaccine with oil adjuvant against Infectious Coryza containing inactivatedAvibacterium paragallinarum (serovars A, B, C).

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Dr. Shyong Weh Ong, Regional Technical and Marketing Specialist also Dr. Shyong Weh Ong, Regional Technical presented on HIPRAGUMBORO CH/80 — Live cloned vaccine against Infectious and Marketing Specialist Bursal disease. He stressed upon the technical support that HIPRA offers for Gumboro prevention programme among which unique are Lymphostimer, the ready smart application that helps to determine the exact date of vaccination and Bursometer that helps to check the health of the bursa.

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Dr. Kakoli Ahmed, Technical and Marketing Manager, HIPRA India presented on Avisan Secure — Killed vaccine against Salmonellosis. She emphasized about the benefits of using HIPRAGUMBORO CH/80 against Gumboro disease. While presenting on Avisan Secure, she mentioned that in view of major food and animal feed safety concerns, HIPRA has taken key initiatives to provide an effective and safe vaccine against Salmonella enteritidis and S. typhimurium. It is well proven in published scientific trials that HIPRA products are highly efficacious, safe, for profitable and sustainable poultry production. Vaccination with AVISAN SECURE will allow the producer to optimize the microbiological quality of table eggs and prevent Salmonella enteritidis and S. typhimurium which are the most common sources of food poisoning through poultry products.

Dr. Shyong Weh Ong, Regional Technical and Marketing Specialist and Dr. Kakoli Ahmed, Technical and Marketing Manager were the presentors in the Kolkata and Pune launch events. Dr. Shyong Weh Ong, Regional Technical and Marketing Specialist spoke on the Killed vaccines of HIPRA- CORIPRAVAC, a trivalent inactivated vaccine with oil adjuvant against Infectious Coryza and Avisan Secure — Killed vaccine against Salmonellosis whereas Dr. Kakoli Ahmed, Technical and Marketing Manager presented on the Live cloned vaccines of HIPRA – HIPRAVIAR CLON, a live cloned vaccine against Newcastle disease including HIPRAVIAR CLON/ IB H120, a live combined vaccine against Newcastle disease and Infectious bronchitis and HIPRAGUMBORO CH/80, a live cloned vaccine against Infectious Bursal disease The curtains came down on the Launch at the end of the technical presentations when Dr. Shyam Vane, Business Manager, delivered the vote of thanks for the active participation of the delegates from all fields of poultry industry in site of their busy schedule.

Dr. Shyam Vane, Business Manager had extended his special thanks to the regional HIPRA distributor and the Key Account Managers individually for their active participation and cooperation in organizing the events at each place making it a success. He once again welcomed them all to the HIPRA India team.

Our team of Key Account Managers have – Mr. Vikash Kumar (North Region), Mr. Sourav P Das (West Region), Dr. V Palani Kumar (Tamil Nadu and Karnataka Region), Mr. Manikyala Rao Andey (Andhra Pradesh and Telangana) and Mr. Dibyendu Pal (East Region). The distributors for HIPRA India are: Mr. D. S. Subramaniam, Tara Enterprises, Mr. Sugumar Gopi, Hindusthan Animal Care, Mr. Mohan Sridevi , (Sri Sara Groups, Gokul Traders), Dr.Atul Deshmukh, (H. R. Multiples), Mr. Pintu Das, (Das Drug Centre) and Mr. Manjit Singh Kooka, Astra Marketing.

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