EW Nutrition generates mycotoxin awareness through series of technical seminars

Dhaka/ Coimbatore/ Chandigarh/ Bangalore:

Poultry production is under constant threat due to the effects of mycotoxins in feed. This threat becomes multifold in current scenario when the industry is facing paucity of good quality maize. Also, the coming monsoon is bound to aggravate the problems as the mycotoxin challenge is bound to increase in the days ahead.

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Thus, to enhance the awareness of customers towards the threat of mycotoxicosis, EW Nutrition organized a series of technical seminars. In these seminars’ mycotoxins related aspects and the associated losses in poultry production were highlighted. EW Nutrition talked on global perspectives and novel solutions to combat the challenge and mitigate the risks to prevent the farm losses.

Series of seminars were conducted in 5 different places consecutively traversing the geography of the sub-continent. It was kick started from Dhaka on 25th April,2019 followed by Coimbatore on 27th April, Kathmandu on 29th April, Chandigarh on 1st May and concluded in Bangalore on 2nd May. The back to back program also addressed the regional challenges of various geographical locations which was resolved by the technical team of EW Nutrition. The program in Kathmandu and Dhaka were organized in closed coordination and support from the esteemed channel partners.

Key speakers came from Germany and brought the global perspective for tackling the mycotoxin challenges. The key note speaker, Dr. Claudio Campanelli, Product Manager, EW Nutrition GmBH discussed about various aspects of toxins and toxin infestation in raw material. He spoke about various factors which can lead to the increase in toxin levels in feed and the various mode of actions through which the toxins can lead to problems creating production losses.

He emphasized the usage of Masterrisk tool, a true companion of the poultry farmers. With help of this tool, farmers can gauge risk associated with mycotoxins present in the feed. Also, the system guides regarding the inclusion rate of toxin binders which are adequate to mitigate the risk present due to synergistic or additive action of the toxins present in the feed or raw material.

Klass Kruger, Team Lead Product Management, EW Nutrition GmBH highlighted the vision and mission of the organization. He elaborated that EW Nutrition is pivotal in the areas of Antibiotic reduction, Toxin Risk management and Early Chick Nutrition. Moreover, the focus of the organization to mitigate the risk of AMR through novel feed additives was also shared with the group.

Dr. Shirish Nigam, Managing Director, EW Nutrition SA reiterated the organization’s commitment to be a reliable partner in progress with the customer. Dr. Shirish emphasized that EW Nutrition stands for quality products and has proven as a trusted partner to help achieve the farm profitability. He highlighted the importance of services offered by EW Nutrition likeRoutine Technical Services in Field, Audit of farm, hatchery audits, disease diagnosis, Mycotoxin risk assessment at the farm gate level.

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The local problems and challenges were touched upon by Dr. Kowsigaraj, Head, Technical Services, EW Nutrition SA. The queries related to farm problems and outbreak management were raised which were very well addressed by the technical team.

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Mr. Kingshuk Chakraborty, DGM, International Business and Mr. Dilip Kumar, RSM, took the lead to thank the distinguished guestsfor taking time to grace the occasion.

EW Nutrition also celebrated World Veterinary Day with key veterinarians at Coimbatore on 27th April during the program and acknowledge the efforts and contribution of veterinarians in poultry industry.

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The efforts of EW nutrition were appreciated by the eminent stakeholders of the poultry industry for organizing the series. They showed keen interest for usage of technology-based tool masterrisk for protection and safeguarding of farm profits from mycotoxin challenges and acknowledged the effectiveness of the valuable tool.

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