Role of Betaine in Fatty liver Management

Dr. Sanjay Gapat and Dr. Gopal Potdar, PMT -ALIVIRA ANIMAL HEALTH LIMITED, MUMBAI.

Fatty liver is a metabolic disease due to the accumulation of a great quantity of fat in the hepatocytes. This accumulation of fat is a consequence of a disbalance between energy intake of the birds and energy used for production.

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In poultry, fatty liver disease affects mainly layers and breeders, especially the ones kept in cages. Anyway, it can also be seen in broilers fed with very high energy diets. Mistakes in formulation and lack of lipotropic substances favour this disease. Lipotropic substances are the ones that help get rid of the fat accumulated in the Hepatocytes.

Betaine provides three methyl groups which can be used in transmethylation reactions for the synthesis of numerous substances such as carnitine (Ref. Kidd et al. 1997).

The 2 most important lipotropic substances are Choline and Carnitine

  • Choline is involved in the formation of VLDL (very low-density lipoproteins) which is known to accelerate the removal of fat content.
  • Carnitine is required for the transport of fatty acids through the inner mitochondrial membrane of the hepatocytes where fatty acid oxidation takes place.

Product from ALIVIRA – Betamint: An authentic source of Betaine is able to donate 3-methyl (CH3) groups. As we know, Methyl groups (CH3) are required for the synthesis of Carnitine. Supplementation of Betaine enhances carnitine synthesis, therefore helping birds to recover from fatty liver.

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Tips on Summer Management

During summer, birds are subjected to heat stress and spend less time in feeding & moving. More time in drinking & panting leads to increased carbon dioxide levels and higher blood pH (i.e. Alkalosis), which in turn hampers blood bicarbonate availability for eggshell. Heat stress decreases feed intake. Encouraging broilers to increase feed intake increases body weight but it results in increased mortality. In such situation, nutritionist suggests short period of feed restriction to reduce mortality. It results in deficiency of essential nutrients like Protein, Amino acids, Trace minerals and Vitamins due to reduced feed intake.

ALIVIRA have unique solutions to counteract the adverse effects of summer stress:

Betamint: An ideal Heat-stress formula from Europe powered with liquid Betaine, Vitamin C, Electrolytes & Menthol. It’s an Ideal nutritional approach to correct or prevent Heat stress.

Alivira has the best source of nutrients in digestible and in more bioavailable form to overcome these nutrient losses due to Heat stress.

Vitaminoacido: A Performance Enhancer & Smart choice in heat stress to replenish the essential nutrient losses fortified with vegetal proteins. Ensures higher bioavailability of nutrients, supports growth, production & immunity.


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