CLFMA conducts successful Technical Seminar at Karnal


The Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers Association (CLFMA),  supported by Poultry Federation of India and  Broiler Breeders Association (North) conducted a very successful and informative Technical seminar on 17th April 2019 at The Vivaan Hotel and Resorts, Karnal, Haryana. Poultry farmers from across the adjoining areas assembled to interact with the experts.

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Dr Devendra Hooda and Dr Sujit Kulkarni welcomed the assembled audience and presented the brief profile of the speakers. Next to follow was Dr SV Bhave (Chairman-CLFMA) who greeted the assembled poultry farmers  and presented the brief profile of CLFMA. Since taking over the reins of CLFMA, Dr Bhave,  has been very instrumental about the concerns of the poultry farmers in India and hence the conduction of the technical seminars series. He said CLFMA is the voice of livestock industry which it represents at various platforms to find  solutions  to ease the burden of the farmers.

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He said as far as poultry is concerned, the optimum production levels cannot be accomplished until the poultry farmer is updated with the latest technical developments in the industry. He asserted that to make this happen he has charted out conduction of technical seminars in different locations in India.

Dr Sudheer Rukadikar followed next and spoke on- Immuno-suppression. He said when the immunity levels of the poultry birds is on decline, they are more exposed and prone to scores of various disease which often leads to mortality and loss to farmers. He asserted that immunity boost is the only solution to safeguard the health of the birds. He provided in detail the reasons and solutions to this critical scenario.

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Dr Ajay Despande, a Poultry Entrepreneur, spoke on- Breeder Farming-An art, skill and dedication. Dr Despande was very serious about the breeder farming and management and advised the poultry farmers to initiate the best management skills to get astounding results.   He said only efficient management of the breeder flock can ensure the optimum results.

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Dr NK Mahajan spoke on –Research and Development and the impact of Avian Influenza in the Indian conditions. He said, Avian Influenza is a deadly disease in poultry and if the flock is once infected, the mortality rate is very high and the poultry farmers incur heavy losses. He said since the start of this disease, the scientists have labored hard to find the solutions but stressed that the best preventive measure is practicing strict biosecurity. He said the Avian Influenza is a worldwide phenomenon, the infected area is cordoned off, production becomes nil and the poultry products cannot be exported.

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Mr Gurminder Bisla , President, Broiler Breeders Association (North), spoke mainly about the working pattern of his association. He explained in detail how the association has a strong membership base and how the problems of the farmers are handled with utmost seriousness.

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Mr Ricky Thaper, spoke about the contribution of PFI to the poultry farmers across India. He said the PFI has been seriously involved in taking up the issues of the poultry farmer and interacting with the Government and is always eager to find solutions. He said PFI is eagerly multiplying its membership base across the country and presently happens to be the voice of Indian poultry farmer.


Later the mementos were presented to the speakers and the sponsors and the assembled guests were invited for lunch and thus ended a very informative session.



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