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The “International Poultry Exhibition 2024” was conducted by the Nepal Poultry Federation and the Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturer Association on May 31, June 1, and 2, 2024, in Bharatpur, Nepal, with the goal of commercializing poultry using current technology.

Bharatpur, Nepal.June 2nd,2024.The Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Nepal-India Poultry International Expo-2024,a ground breaking and first-of-its-kind event benefiting both India and Nepal’s poultry industries. Following the successful completion of the Meat and Poultry Industry Russia Expo 2024 in May, this event represents another milestone in IPEMA‘s efforts to explore new business opportunities abroad.

The three-day expo, held from May 31ST  to June 2ND , 2024, at the Chitwan Expo Center in Bharatpur, Nepal, had over 75 participating firms and over 7000 visitors from all around the region. Ms.Renu Dahal,Mayor of Bharatpur Metropolitan City in Nepal, served as the event’s chief guest.

The vision of the Nepali generation for the International Poultry Expo has been organized with the goal of fostering collaboration. In order to promote Chitwan tourism, the Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality has declared the Bharatpur Visit Year with the major slogan “Ghumi Maratpur” and to ensure the sustainability of Chitwan’s economic program.

The expo showcased pioneering innovations in poultry production, featuring representations from feed,food,pharmaceuticals,equipment,andbreeders.IPEMA members proudly showcased their high-quality products,”Made in India,”to a global audience.

The Nepal-India Poultry International Expo-2024 was a resounding success, promoting various poultry companies from India and Nepal and providing a platform for knowledge sharing and networking among industry leaders.The event featured a technical and scientific program,which included international seminar s on poultry nutrition,feed milling,feed safety,health,global perspectives,and waste management.

The  event  also displayed Participation by renowned international brands from countries such as Italy,Belgium and China.

Another highlight of the expo was the  ‘Poultry Pathshala‘, the knowledge-sharing sessions, which spanned three days and focused on various segments of the poultry industry.Day I catered to poultry veterinarians, academicians, scientists,nutritionists, extension officers, poultry consultants, and farm managers. Day II focused on poultry held technicians, farmers, farm supervisors /workers,students,early and mid-career poultry professionals , suppliers , traders, and allied sectors.Day III continued to cater to these groups,covering additional important topics.

Nepali farmers, the Government of Nepal, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, and the Bharatpur Metropolitan Municipality all contributed to the success of this expo. There will be a substantial presence of enterprises directly and indirectly interested in poultry from different nations.

Nepalese poultry producers can now produce high-quality poultry products at a reasonable cost thanks to technological advancements. The poultry sector’s recent development and expansion, which has made a considerable contribution to the country’s economy through current investment and skilled employment, is also worth noting in 2024.

Mrs. Rainu Dhal, Mayor of Bharatpur, officially launched the exhibition on May 31, 2024. She stated that this is beneficial to the poultry industry and farmers since it provides access to the most recent technologies and technology, allowing farmers to earn more money in the poultry industry.

Mr. Guna Chandra Bista (Swami), President of the Nepal Poultry Federation, welcomed the audience and discussed the growth of both countries. He stated that staging the exhibition will enable poultry producers learn about the quality of feeds and goods. This will also contribute to economic growth in both countries and reduce unemployment.

Mr. Anil Dhumal, past president of the Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers Association, stated that Nepal and India are excellent old friends who would retain their relationship that way. We will hold this type of event to help expand the Nepal poultry sector, ensuring that farmers receive high-quality products at a low production cost.

Mr. Chakradhar Rao Potluri, Chairman of Chakra Group, Hyderabad, stated that this type of show will assist the poultry business flourish by exposing poultry farmers to the newest technology, innovations, and facilities available in the market.

Mr. Uday Singh Byas, President of the Indian Poultry Equipment Manufacturers Associations, stated that this is the first time Nepal Poultry Federations had hosted an exhibition. This will boost Nepal’s relations with India. This show will teach poultry farmers about new technologies and help them become more educated. He further stated that we are pleased to inform you that the 1st Nepal India Poultry International Show 2024 was a resounding success, adding another star to the Indian poultry industry. We also had one-on-one meetings with several associations in Nepal. All of the members have voiced their opinions and success with the show. All of the exhibitors have expressed satisfaction with the overall quality of the visitors.

IPEMA is proud to have represented its members and various poultry companies from both India and Nepal at this expo.The event has been a grand success, showcasing the dynamic growth of the poultry industry and promoting in valuable connections among stakeholders. The association looks forward to building on this success and further strengthening its relationships with stake holders in the region.

The date for the next edition of the Nepal India Poultry International Expo will be determined by consensus among the Executive Advisory Committee members constituted for the event.


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