Successful Conclusion of Inaugural Session II for 64th National Symposium 2023

New Delhi, 18 August, 2023 – The CLFMA of India (Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers association) concluded its highly anticipated Inaugural Session – II event, marking a significant milestone in the organization’s journey on Day 1 of 64th National Symposium 2023. The event was held at Hotel Le Meridien in New Delhi. The event witnessed the presence of esteemed dignitaries from the government, industry leaders, and key stakeholders. The event centred on the theme “Livestock Sector: Looking Beyond the Present” and aimed to bring together industry leaders, policymakers, and experts to discuss the future of the livestock sector in India.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp ceremony, where all the dignitaries were invited to the dais. Dr. O. P. Chaudhary, Joint Secretary (NLM/PC), Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying, Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour. Shri. Nadir B Godrej, Past Chairman of CLFMA of India and Chairman & MD of Godrej Industries Ltd; Shri Tarun Shridhar, IAS (Retd.); CLFMA Chairman Mr. Suresh Deora; Deputy Chairman Mr. Sumit Sureka; Convenor Mr. Divya Kumar Gulati and Hon. Secretary Mr. Abhay Shah were present on the dais with the guest of honour.

Dr. O. P. Chaudhary was felicitated by Mr. Suresh Deora with a bouquet, shawl, and memento to mark the occasion. Mr. Sumit Sureka, Deputy Chairman, CLFMA felicitated Shri. Nadir B Godrej and Shri Tarun Sridhar was felicitated by Mr. Divya Kumar Gulati.

Mr. Divya Kumar Gulati, Deputy Chairman of CLFMA of India, delivered the welcome address, highlighting the importance of the event and expressing gratitude to all participants. Following the welcome address, Mr. Suresh Deora, Chairman of CLFMA of India, addressed the audience.

A key highlight of the event was the CLFMA Audio Visual Presentation which showcased the achievements and initiatives undertaken by CLFMA of India in the past year. The presentation highlighted the organization’s efforts in promoting animal health, welfare, and sustainable practices in the livestock sector.

Mr. Nadir B. Godrej, Past Chairman of CLFMA of India; Chairman & MD of Godrej Industries Ltd., and CLFMA Lifetime achievement awardee delivered the keynote address. For a change this time the keynote address was in the form of a long poem. The poem showcased the glimpses of his journey, discussing serious issues of agriculture, livestock, dairy, poultry, animal feed and fodder, alternate feed, rising prices, challenges faced, factors like environment, economics, carbon footprints, efficiency improvement and our future.

His poetic keynote address gave us a lesson that in the tapestry of agriculture and livestock, we must weave the threads of innovation and sustainability, for only then can we create a future where abundance coexists with harmony, and where the well-being of our planet is nurtured alongside the progress of our industries. His speech focused on the current trends and future prospects of the livestock sector, emphasizing the importance of technological advancements and the role of industry stakeholders in driving sustainable growth.

In the 64th National Symposium, CLFMA Lifetime achievement awardee Shri. Tarun Shridhar, IAS (Retd.) shed light on the theme ‘Livestock Sector: Looking Beyond the Present’ and shared valuable insights. The livestock sector encompasses various aspects such as animal husbandry, fisheries, and aquaculture. This sector has witnessed impressive growth since its establishment.

“One notable development in this sector occurred in February-March 2019 when the decision was made to separate the Department of Fisheries from the Department of Animal Husbandry. This move recognized the distinct nature and importance of each sub-sector within livestock.”

He even emphasised that “It is remarkable that animal husbandry contributes over 30% to the agricultural GDP, despite receiving less than 5% of total investment in comparison to agriculture. To further emphasize the significance of this sector, the Ministries of Fisheries were separated from Animal Husbandry and Dairy, highlighting the need for dedicated focus and attention. This separation from the agriculture ministry was a significant step towards recognizing the unique challenges and opportunities present in the livestock sector. It also paved the way for targeted investment in terms of both financial resources and appropriate policies.”

In his address he remembers, “In fact, the first agenda item discussed in the first cabinet meeting of the new government was a 15,000 crore project aimed at eradicating disease control and improving the food processing system within the livestock sector. This demonstrates the government’s commitment to prioritize and support the growth and development of this sector.”

“Moreover, the livestock sector has proven to be beneficial to our economy, as evident in the export of fish and buffalo meat. These products, derived from livestock, contribute to our nation’s economic growth and provide opportunities for international trade.”

He even foresees “The Livestock sector plays a crucial role in our economy, and it is time we look beyond the present and invest in its growth. With appropriate policies and infrastructure development, this sector has the potential to create entrepreneurship opportunities and contribute significantly to our GDP. Let us encourage our children to consider careers in agriculture, fish farming, and animal husbandry, and pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous future.”

In conclusion, Shri. Tarun Shridhar’s insights highlight the immense potential of the livestock sector and the need to look beyond the present to harness its full capabilities. “CLFMA has the potential to become a powerful advocate for the industry, taking a strong stand and voicing the concerns and aspirations of its members.”

The address was followed by the presentation of the prestigious CLFMA Award. The CLFMA (Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers Association) Award is a prestigious recognition given to livestock feed manufacturers who have made significant contributions to the industry. This annual award aims to acknowledge the hard work, innovation, and excellence demonstrated by livestock feed manufacturers in India.

CLFMA award serves as a catalyst for the growth and development of the livestock feed industry. By acknowledging and celebrating excellence, it encourages manufacturers to continue striving for higher standards and innovation in their products. Ultimately, this benefits not only the manufacturers but also farmers, consumers, and the entire livestock farming ecosystem.

CLFMA recognized the exemplary contributions of Dr. Anand Kumar Pathak, Senior Assistant Professor (Animal Nutrition) in SKUAST Jammu and Dr. Pankaj Kumar Singh, Professor and Head of Animal Nutrition Department of Bihar Animal Sciences University, Patna with the prestigious CLFMA Award. The awardees were felicitated by Dr. O. P. Chaudhary, Joint Secretary (NLM/PC).

The event also saw the launch of the official souvenir, marking a significant milestone in the symposium with key dignitaries Dr. O. P. Chaudhary, Mr. Nadir B. Godrej, Mr. Suresh Deora, Mr. Divya Kumar Gulati, Mr. Sumit Sureka, Mr. Naveen Pasuparthy, Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh, Mr. Abhay Shah, present on stage. All office bearers were invited on stage to be an auspicious part of the prestigious moment.

Dr. O. P. Chaudhary addressed the audience, highlighting the initiatives undertaken by the Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying to promote the growth of the animal feed industry. He highlighted the government’s initiatives and policies to support the livestock sector, encouraging industry players to leverage these opportunities for the sector’s growth. He highlighted 3 major points in his speech.

  1. “The government officials are now realizing that they are facilitators, and it is their responsibility to come upfront to guide and help people in the animal feed This includes making policies that support the growth and development of the feed industry.”
  2. “Additionally, there is a need to address the issue of providing nutritious and balanced food to the poor section of the By innovating and balancing the feed and fodder, we can reduce the cost and make it accessible to the weaker sections. For those associated with CLFMA, it is important to explore new ways to earn and fulfil their needs. Exporting to other countries, particularly those that are economically weaker than us, can be a viable option. It is crucial to seek support from the government in this regard. It is also important to focus on increasing the purchasing power of the people and ensuring that the needs of those who do not have sufficient financial resources are also fulfilled. To achieve this, efforts should be made to include the unorganized sector in the organized sector.”
  3. “Currently, the capital subsidy in Animal husbandry for structural development fund will see a significant growth with an increase from 3 to 5 percent, making it 15,000 crores to 25,000 ’

“Overall, there are several opportunities and challenges in the animal feed industry. By working together, government, industry, and stakeholders can create a favourable environment for growth and development.” At the end of his speech, he congratulated all the CLFMA awardees as well.

As the event drew to a close, Mr. Abhay Shah, Honorary Secretary of CLFMA of India, delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all the dignitaries, eminent speakers, participants, sponsors, and organizers who made the event a success. He emphasized the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing in driving the growth of the livestock sector. The evening was followed by an enjoyable networking dinner and live performances. This provided an opportunity for the participants to unwind, connect with industry peers, and build lasting relationships.

The CLFMA of India is proud to have organized such a successful event, bringing together industry leaders and stakeholders for insightful discussions and networking opportunities. The 64th National Symposium of CLFMA of India proved to be a significant platform for knowledge exchange, discussion, and collaboration in the livestock sector. The event successfully shed light on the challenges and opportunities beyond the present, encouraging stakeholders to work towards a sustainable and prosperous future for the industry.

About CLFMA of India :

CLFMA, also known as The Compound Feed Manufacturers Association, was established in June 1967. Over the years, it has gained recognition and support from various stakeholders including the Central and State Governments, livestock farmers, and related organizations. With a membership of 250+, CLFMA represents all sectors of the livestock industry. This includes entities involved in feed manufacturing, poultry, dairy, aquaculture business, animal nutrition and health, veterinary services, machinery and equipment, as well as processing, distribution, and retailing of meat and ancillary services such as banking.

In addition to its domestic recognition, CLFMA is also acknowledged by international sectors. It is highly regarded by government departments, agricultural universities, veterinary colleges, and national research institutes within India. Furthermore, CLFMA is respected by related industries outside the country.

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Successful Conclusion of Inaugural Session II for 64th National Symposium 2023 Successful Conclusion of Inaugural Session II for 64th National Symposium 2023 Successful Conclusion of Inaugural Session II for 64th National Symposium 2023 Successful Conclusion of Inaugural Session II for 64th National Symposium 2023 Successful Conclusion of Inaugural Session II for 64th National Symposium 2023 Successful Conclusion of Inaugural Session II for 64th National Symposium 2023 Successful Conclusion of Inaugural Session II for 64th National Symposium 2023 Successful Conclusion of Inaugural Session II for 64th National Symposium 2023


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