First pick of the chick decides the future of Gut Colonization

Dr. Sanjay Gapat Product Manager Alivira Animal Health Ltd., Mumbai


Challenges During Early life of Chick

• Nutrients like feed, water and oxygen are the key elements for bacterial establishment during the first days or early life of chick. Digestive tract of the newly hatched chick is virtually sterile. There is a huge opportunity for any pathogenic bacteria to grow in such an environment without competition from good bacteria.

• A lot of research shows that this first pick is based on chance. Any bacteria present in the environment of the day-old birds is likely to be present in the gut of the chick. Typically, a gram-negative bacteria’s like E coli, Salmonella are there at farm atmosphere at early in life.

• E coli, Salmonella have the capability to multiply quickly and to take advantage of the new environment: a desert where feed, water and oxygen are in abundance, but no other good bacteria to compete these resources. Besides causing pathogenic infections, these bacteria take up the ecological positions in the digestive tract, making it more difficult for more beneficial bacteria to establish. As a result, it is likely that it will lead to a less stable and robust microflora which negatively impact the future growth and performance of Chick.

Strategy to Achieve and Maintain Microflora Stability

• Seed the gut with favourable bacteria from day 1 to prevent overgrowth of bad bacteria

• Support the multiplication of the favorable bacteria to allow them to dominate by creating a favorable micro-environment in the gut

• Need to decrease undigestible substrates which are potential feed for fermenter and unfavourable bacteria.

• Alivira Introduces, CHICK-PRO: 5 STAR Gut Compatible Synbiotic Formulation which helps to overcome early life challenges in establishment of healthy microflora.

CHICK-PRO helps from Day 1 in seeding gut with favourable, well-balanced, well-functioning and highly diverse microflora. Seeding gut with gut compatible Synbiotic helps prevent overgrowth of bad bacteria.

CHICK-PRO support the multiplication of the favourable bacteria and to allow them to dominate most of the microbiota by creating a favourable micro-environment in the gut.

• Gut compatible Synbiotic strains in CHICK-PRO transform the indigestible intestinal content into digestible and valuable nutrients for chicks.

CHICK-PRO helps to maintains gut morphology through secretions of SCFA which the primary energy source of colonic epithelia, development of gut villus morphology, stimulate enterocyte growth and proliferation, promotes mucin production

Superior synbiotic strains in CHICK-PRO strengthen immunity by interacting with intestinal epithelial cells (IEC), enterocytes, goblet cells, M cells from Peyer’s patches and forming the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT). These interactions result in an increase in the number of productions of secretory IgM and IgA that are particularly important to the immunity of the mucosa, as they contribute to the barrier against pathogenic microorganisms.


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